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I started The Little Things back in 2014, upon relocating to Edinburgh, Scotland. Looking for a way to document my adventures around a new city. This quickly spread to expanding on my travels all over the world. Everything from the Scottish highlands, to the neon heart of Tokyo.

Tired of living life at 100 miles per hour, I took a step back and wanted to focus a more relaxed pace, enjoying the moments once previously overlooked. Finding adventure in every day, it’s here on The Little Things that I share those travels with you, the reader.

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Growing up in the north of England, only a stones throw away from the rolling hills of the Lake District; I’ll often find my mind wandering back to the countryside. I want to show how it’s possible to see the world, working full time and on a budget. I’m a weekend wanderer, looking to make the most of every spare moment away from my day job as a graphic designer.

The Little Things is born from a combined passion of writing and photography, capturing every adventure, big or small. I do hope you’ll stay around for my journey into a slower pace of life; finding sanctuary in all the little things, sharing my adventures along the way.

If you’re interested in working with The Little Things, or just want to find out more – please download my media kit, or send me an email, I’d love for you to say hello!