The Little Things Travel Map

A digital storyteller and travel blogger, Louise is always busy daydreaming about the next pin on the map. Born from a passion for writing and photography, The Little Things encapsulates Louiseโ€™s every adventure, big or small.

Louise has been sharing her travel experiences on The Little Things since 2012. Her passion for documenting her travels started in diary form as a child, taking note of all of the places she travelled. From holidays around the UK, to the big skies of the USA.

The Little Things shows how itโ€™s possible for you to see the world, whilst working full time. Louise is a weekend wanderer and makes the most of every spare moment away from her day job as a graphic designer. Based in beautiful Edinburgh, The Little Things explores everything from city life, to the heart of the highlands and beyond.

Louise has had the opportunity to work with brands in the past such as Citizen M, Travelodge, Yelp and Great Little Breaks. If youโ€™re interested in collaborating with The Little Things, please get in touch.