How You Can Join in With #Edinburgh101 Walking Tours

#Edinburgh101 Walking Tours It’s no secret that Edinburgh is full of history and hidden treasures. So for the year of History, Heritage and Archaeology, Edinburgh World Heritage unleashed it’s 101 objects campaign. Bringing Edinburgh’s vibrant past, back to life. I had the opportunity to join the walking tour organised by Edinburgh World Heritage last week. A guided tour to explore the New Town. Although I class myself as an Edinburgh…

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How to Spend 24 Hours in St Andrews, Scotland

A Guide to St Andrews, Scotland In an attempt to make the most of my railcard before turning 25, I made a promise to myself to make the most of seeing more of the UK by rail on a budget. Living in Scotland, I’m close to so many beautiful places, and those along the coast are amongst my favourite. So with a weekend where I had no other plans on…


Why You Should Visit Edinburgh Zoo Nights this Summer

Edinburgh Zoo Nights Over the past couple of years something has been going on after hours at Edinburgh Zoo. Long after the busy crowds that flood through the gates each day have left the park, zoo nights begin. An adult only event which gives the chance to be big kids for the night. Tickets cost £25 and it covers entry for the zoo from 6pm until 10pm. Each year of…


Weekend Escapes to East Lothian, Scotland

Day Trip to East Lothian One of the best things about living in Edinburgh is being so close to the coast. Although I’ve been living here for four years now, East Lothian is somewhere I had never been to, despite it being less than an hours drive away. A common location for city commuters to live, offering sea views and a rolling hills of the countryside. It’s definitely a place…


5 Ways to be a Tourist in Your Own Home City

Re-Discovering Your Home City You could live in one of the most amazing places on earth, and still get bored. Let’s accept it, once you’ve lived somewhere for a while and you’ve already done all of the landmarks and famous attractions, you tire of the tourists, and just want some space from it all. But what if you became a tourist yourself? You’ll be amazed what could be waiting for…