How to Reach Pompeii Scavi from Rome & Sorrento

Visiting Pompeii Scavi I think that Pompeii is one of those places that everyone knows about someway or another, but may not have had the opportunity to visit. We set out on our travels from the small town of Scafati just outside Pompeii where it felt like we honestly waited on a bus, any bus.. for hours. If you can hire a car I would suggest doing so. Especially if…


Visiting the Vatican City & Top Tips

Visiting the Vatican City I purposefully didn’t do much research on the Vatican City as I really wanted to experience it first time, and not know what to expect. In my mind I imagined it to be a lot bigger than it actually was given it’s title as a city, but it’s actually relatively small, but with lots of grand buildings within a close area. You’ll constantly be bombarded on…


How to Dress for the Vatican City

Dress code for the Vatican City To visit most holy sites you are expected to dress modestly in covering your shoulders and having either a skirt, shorts, or trousers cover your legs to an appropriate length just on, or past your knees. Although quite a lot of people seemed to be in the Vatican city not dressed in such a way, you do run a risk of being denied access…


Visiting Rome Colosseum & Palatine Hill

Rome Colosseum & Palatine Hill One of the things we had been most looking forward to was seeing the Rome Colosseum. An absolute one of a kind experience, it’s right by the metro and comes as a bit of a surprise when you get off the underground and are suddenly faced with it right there in front of you, it really hits you just what an ancient place Rome is.…


How to Dress for Summer in Rome

What to wear in Rome For the summer months Rome is so hot I can’t quite emphasise enough. I knew we were in for some serious heat attempting to go to Italy in summer, but nothing prepares you for the humidity. With temperatures reaching up to 40C it’s important to wear things that are both practical for exploring, and floaty enough to keep you cool. Flowing skirts became my best…