How to Travel on a Budget

Travel Budgeting & How To’s We all love a good holiday right? But wouldn’t it be nice to do it on a budget, allowing for little luxuries along the way. Here’s my list of advise and tips for how to travel on a budget and making the most of your money. Set flight notifications for cheap deals Often the biggest expense when travelling is flights. The cost of flights can…


5 Ways to be a Tourist in Your Own Home City

Re-Discovering Your Home City You could live in one of the most amazing places on earth, and still get bored. Let’s accept it, once you’ve lived somewhere for a while and you’ve already done all of the landmarks and famous attractions, you tire of the tourists, and just want some space from it all. But what if you became a tourist yourself? You’ll be amazed what could be waiting for…


How to Best Avoid Flying Travel Stress

How to Prevent Pre-Travel Stress We’ve all been there, running late to the airport, dashing around trying to find the right terminal. Being sent from one place to another in a rage of frustration. Desperately trying to find the boarding pass and passport you swear was in that pouch of your bag just a second ago. Not to mention finally getting on the plane to remember you’ve forgotten to lock…


Heading Out to Cramond Island, Edinburgh

Cramond Island, Edinburgh Being on the coast, Edinburgh offers a whole host of island gems you can access. Including Cramond island, a small tidal island accessible across the causeway at low tide from Cramond Village. Be sure to check the notice board for tide times before you head out to the island; you don’t want to find yourself stranded on the island when the tide comes in! The island itself…


My Essential Toiletries for Travelling

daily travel essentials toiletries

Essential Toiletries for Travelling When packing for going on your travels it’s often easy to overlook the toiletries. I for one am always so focused on the ins and outs of the destination itself, that packing my suitcase is often the last thing on my mind. That being said, I do love a good list, and with that comes my packing and toiletries essentials. Shower Gel & Shampoo Generally if…


Spending an Afternoon at Edinburgh’s Seaside, Portobello

Portobello beach Edinburgh UK Scotland

Edinburgh’s Seaside When I first moved to Edinburgh, I didn’t realise just how close to the coast it really was. After all, geography never really was my strong point! There’s something so wonderful about being able to easily to escape the bustle of the city and hear the waves rolling in around you by the seaside. Portobello, or good old Porty as the locals know it, is just a short…


Live Like a Local in Christchurch, New Zealand

Live Like A Local Guide So firstly I’m so excited to introduce you to a new series I’m going to be running once a month! I read so many blogs from people all over the world; living through their words and photographs and following their travels. Welcome to ‘live like a local’ I do hope you enjoy the adventure. Originally from the North Coast of Northern Ireland, Abbi from Life…

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