Onboard the Silversea Silver Explorer Cruise Ship

Onboard the Silver Explorer Cruise Ship Having never been aboard a cruise before myself, I was excited to see what one of the most luxury cruise companies around, Silversea, had to offer. Embarking on their Silver Explorer vessel, due to embark to Iceland and beyond later in the day, we got a sneak preview before the guests arrived. Due to their intimate size, Silversea cruises take you to some of…

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How To Spend 24 Hours in Newcastle, England

A Guide to Newcastle I first travelled to Newcastle as a child, growing up in the north west of England, it wasn’t too far for us to get to on a day trip. All I remembered from our visit back then was Anthony Gormley’s Angel of the North structure, and a distant TV memory of watching Biker Grove. So as an adult now living in Edinburgh, I decided it was…


How to Up Your Instagram Game Without Travelling Far

How To Always Have Instagram Content In the age of social media and blogging, almost everyone has an Instagram account. Let’s face it, as much as we don’t like to admit it, you’re secretly thrilled when you get more likes than usual or reaching another new follower milestone. But there’s only so many gram’s you can post of your latest holiday or weekend exploring. So what do you do when…


How You Can Join in With #Edinburgh101 Walking Tours

#Edinburgh101 Walking Tours It’s no secret that Edinburgh is full of history and hidden treasures. So for the year of History, Heritage and Archaeology, Edinburgh World Heritage unleashed it’s 101 objects campaign. Bringing Edinburgh’s vibrant past, back to life. I had the opportunity to join the walking tour organised by Edinburgh World Heritage last week. A guided tour to explore the New Town. Although I class myself as an Edinburgh…

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My Top 10 Ultimate Travel Bucket List

My Top 10 Ultimate Travel Bucketlist We all dream of the places we would love to go. A mental bucket list of dream destinations and a place to lose ourselves, for even just a little while. I read a quote once which stayed with me “if we were meant to stay still we would have had roots for feet”. I firmly believe in making the most of the time we…