My Half Year in Review 2017

A Half Year Review 2017 I’ve re-written this post so many times now, but the reality is – I just can’t quite believe we are already half way through the year. I’ve been so wrapped up in waiting for things to happen, weddings, holidays, major birthdays, that before I knew it half a year has already passed us by. The older I get, the more apparent it is that life…

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My Top 10 Ultimate Travel Bucket List

My Top 10 Ultimate Travel Bucketlist We all dream of the places we would love to go. A mental bucket list of dream destinations and a place to lose ourselves, for even just a little while. I read a quote once which stayed with me “if we were meant to stay still we would have had roots for feet”. I firmly believe in making the most of the time we…


How to Travel on a Budget

Travel Budgeting & How To’s We all love a good holiday right? But wouldn’t it be nice to do it on a budget, allowing for little luxuries along the way. Here’s my list of advise and tips for how to travel on a budget and making the most of your money. Set flight notifications for cheap deals Often the biggest expense when travelling is flights. The cost of flights can…


5 Ways to be a Tourist in Your Own Home City

Re-Discovering Your Home City You could live in one of the most amazing places on earth, and still get bored. Let’s accept it, once you’ve lived somewhere for a while and you’ve already done all of the landmarks and famous attractions, you tire of the tourists, and just want some space from it all. But what if you became a tourist yourself? You’ll be amazed what could be waiting for…


My Essential Toiletries for Travelling

Essential Toiletries for Travelling When packing for going on your travels it’s often easy to overlook the toiletries. I for one am always so focused on the ins and outs of the destination itself, that packing my suitcase is often the last thing on my mind. That being said, I do love a good list, and with that comes my packing and toiletries essentials. Shower Gel & Shampoo Generally if…