How to Up Your Instagram Game Without Travelling Far

How To Always Have Instagram Content In the age of social media and blogging, almost everyone has an Instagram account. Let’s face it, as much as we don’t like to admit it, you’re secretly thrilled when you get more likes than usual or reaching another new follower milestone. But there’s only so many gram’s you can post of your latest holiday or weekend exploring. So what do you do when…


How to Make the Most From Your Photoshoot

Making The Most from Your Photoshoot When I first started blogging, one of the main passions I wanted to put to (metaphorical) paper, was photography. By no means do I claim to be a professional photographer, but through practice and a whole load of trial and error, I’m happier with my photographs than ever before. Patience & Practice I picked up my first camera shortly after the age of five.…


Blogging In Collaboration, Not Competition

Blogging Beginnings I’ve always been busy body. Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy; forever torn between wanting to relax, and wanting to get things done. This is where running a blog falls into things. Something that combines my love for always being busy and keeping myself entertained. I’ve always loved writing and taking photographs, so why not combine that passion into one? When I started blogging it was something to…


Is Making it Big as a Blogger All Down to Luck?

Is Being Big As a Blogger All Down to Luck? Since blogging had it’s boom, it’s all become quite a big business. What was once mainly teenagers following on from the days of Live Journal. It’s evolved into something much bigger than all of us. You’re only a five second Google search away from a whole host of tips and advise on how to make it ‘big’ as a blogger.…


How I Balance Blogging & Working Full Time

Blogging Beginnings I’ve been blogging since 2010, which seems like a lifetime ago now. Advised by our art teacher to keep a visual online diary of our mood boards, it felt like the perfect space to share my daily inspirations. My project ended, but my blog kept going. I didn’t know anyone was even reading it. I was sharing all of the little things in life that made me smile,…