Top 5 Things to Check Before Using Airbnb

Top 5 Things to Check Before Using Airbnb It’s no secret that in recent times, the likes of Airbnb has been revolutionising the way we experience places. No longer are campsites or hotels your only option when travelling. Offering the chance to live like a local, in your own home – away from home. Like anything, Airbnb has it’s flaws, and you do need to have your wits about you.…

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The Best Hotels & Apartments to Stay in Edinburgh

Where to Stay in Edinburgh I could give you a million different reasons to visit Edinburgh. There’s no denying my love for this city, even if I may be a little bias! There’s definitely key events throughout the year which bring more of a buzz to the city from tourism. From the Fringe Festival to the Christmas Markets, hotels and apartments are always in demand here. Edinburgh is quite a…


10 Ways to Save for Your Dream Holiday

10 Ways to Save for Your Dream Holiday Thereโ€™s no denying we all have a dream wanderlust list of places to see and travel to. At a time where social media is taking over and Instagram causes travel envy on a daily basis; is it really so much to ask that you get to enjoy a bit of the excitement too? Iโ€™ve always been a good saver. My mum took…


July Instagram Stories: 2017

July in Review Can we just take a moment to discuss how at the blink of an eye, we’re somehow now half way through the year?! It all feels quite unbelievable, yet here we are. July was a super quick month, filled with lovely events and visits. My parents came to Edinburgh for a week to visit, which meant I finally had some time off work, for the first time…


Top Things to do in Edinburgh When it Rains

Top Things to do in Edinburgh When it Rains It doesn’t take a local to tell you how much it rains in Scotland. It’s one of the things that we just kind of accept here. Yet it certainly doesn’t make things any less beautiful. Being born and raised in the UK means it’s something I’ve become accustomed to my whole life. Rain shouldn’t stop anyone having fun, so here’s a…