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blogger photography tips portrait fashion travel
blogger photography tips portrait fashion travel

Meet Louise

A digital storyteller and travel blogger, Louise is always busy daydreaming about the next pin on the map. She loves to share her thoughts and experiences as part of The Little Things. Born from a passion for writing and photography, The Little Things encapsulates Louise’s every adventure, big or small. Louise is a Graphic Designer by day, based in Edinburgh’s enchanting West End, seeking beauty in all the little things in life.

The History

Louise has been sharing her adventures through blogging since 2010. First documenting her family travels around the USA, it was a way to update family on their latest adventure, something which soon grew to reach a wider audience. Leaving quiet country life in England for bonny Scotland in 2014, Louise shifted her focuses to The Little Things, and began once again sharing her travels.

Brand Collaborations

Louise has been fortunate to collaborate with a range of brands, companies and PR agencies throughout the years. Helping to build readership and creative positive business relationships, Louise is always on hand to create something beautiful. If you’re interested in working together, please get in touch.

Key Focuses

The readership key ranking market segment interests lies in travel, hotels and accommodation. The majority of readers are female (80%) with 20% male, aged between 25-34 years old. The Little Things main readership comes from within the UK, followed by the USA and Canada.


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