Is Making it Big as a Blogger All Down to Luck?

How to make it big as a blogger lifestyle travel fashion UK
How to make it big as a blogger lifestyle travel fashion UK
How to make it big as a blogger lifestyle travel fashion UK
How to make it big as a blogger lifestyle travel fashion UK

Is Being Big As a Blogger All Down to Luck?

Since blogging had it’s boom, it’s all become quite a big business. What was once mainly teenagers following on from the days of Live Journal. It’s evolved into something much bigger than all of us. You’re only a five second Google search away from a whole host of tips and advise on how to make it ‘big’ as a blogger. But have you ever wondered, maybe that’s all down to luck? Or is it something more than that?

Now don’t get me wrong here, the ‘big bloggers’ really do seem to put their heart and soul into everything that they do. That’s great, and definitely something to be commended for. After all, we should all be supporting each other more and praising their achievements instead of being resentful. And although this post might feel like a contradiction to that, it’s really not. Success doesn’t happen overnight, and big or small – you don’t always see the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes.

It’s Not All About the Numbers

We’re all guilty of thinking it’s all about the numbers. Seeing listings for campaigns that don’t even want to hear from you unless you have over 5,000+ followers on one platform. A small number for some, but a big number for others. It’s often that the smaller bloggers, who equally put their heart and soul into everything they do, get overlooked. But why should that be fair?

The phrase ‘life’s not fair’ instantly comes to mind, and I really do believe that’s true. In my professional life outside of blogging I found very quickly that it’s all about who you know. Making friends and professional connections is something we all find difficult from time to time. Maybe it’s the stubborn awkward Britishness in us all; to walk over to someone you’ve never met and say hello. Good lord, what if they say hello back? What if we have to start up a conversation about the weather? Perhaps telling ourselves ‘you know what, I’m proud of what I’m doing’ is the first step to having that confidence to tell someone else that too.

How to make it big as a blogger lifestyle travel fashion UK
How to make it big as a blogger lifestyle travel fashion UK
How to make it big as a blogger lifestyle travel fashion UK
How to make it big as a blogger lifestyle travel fashion UK
How to make it big as a blogger lifestyle travel fashion UK
How to make it big as a blogger lifestyle travel fashion UK

Making Connections

It’s easy to see that a lot of the big bloggers in the UK seem to live in and around London. So is that just a sheer coincidence, or is it just more obvious that you’re more likely better placed to make connections in a big city? Most likely the latter. Your own success and growth is down to you, no one is going to hand it to you on a plate, so what’s missing here?

Comparing yourself to other bloggers is an instant way to lose your own visions of what you once wanted to achieve. Trying hard to be the next big ‘insert name here’ to grab at the opportunities they’ve had, but just step back a minute and – focus.

Worrying About Your Own End Game

Worrying about your own end game is an easy way to get distracted in creating your own quality content and community around you. With constant comparisons worrying about competition and growth, you’re holding yourself back. And really, who ever measured what a ‘successful’ blog is anyway? Success is a very personal thing and can only be measured by your own beliefs. If success is reaching 1,000 followers for your hobby then that’s great! If success is one day landing on the moon and being the first blogger in space, then that’s also great! Go out there and really think about what is is that you want to achieve and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. And always remember, that patience is indeed, a virtue.

Do you think there’s a key to success, or is it all just down to a combination of hard work and a little luck sometimes?

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  • I’m lacking motivation for my blog at the moment, as growth seems to be happening so incredibly slowly. But then I sit back, remember that I am comparing it’s progress to my real life (where everything happens ridiculously quickly and spur of the moment) and continue on continuing on.
    Great post though for reminding us little bloggers to be patient, focus on what our goals are, and keep at it 🙂

    xx Bry Jaimea ||

    • That’s great Bry! I’m sure you’ll crush your goals one day 🙂 x

  • Charlie Elliott

    My enthusiasm for blogging takes such peaks and troughs because even though it’s very much a hobby, it gets super demoralising when you put so much effort in and seeing others getting opportunities I think I’d be perfect for. My stats are great but my social media followings are low so I get passed up for things because of that which is a shame! I think it really is a mixture of luck and hard work which is kind of like anything really!

    • Couldn’t agree more Charlie! I recently started posting less and putting less pressure on myself, and in reality it’s meant I’m now putting out better content, and my stats have gone up! I think things are always going to have their ups and downs, but as long as you’re still enjoying writing for yourself at the end of the day is the main factor x

  • I sometimes feel a bit down because I don’t have a huge following but if I’m being perfectly honest, I never started blogging for the numbers, I blog because I like writing and chatting and taking pictures! I think it’s a combination of luck and hard work which is both encouraging and not! These pictures however, are so gorgeous! Xx

    Kirsty | The Monday Project |

    • Absolutely, I think as long as you’re still enjoying writing it for yourself then it’s great to not have so much pressure! x

  • Denise M

    I think that it is down to both luck and hard work that the bigger bloggers have got the success that they have, location also plays a part in it too as there are more opportunities available (or at least seems to be) to those who live in London, Manchester, etc and those further north (ie Scotland) don’t have the same kind of events going on. I guess you get back what you put in to it & if you work full time then you don’t always have the time to spend promoting your posts, hustling for opportunities, going to events etc to further your blog.

    • Very true Denise, all about making your own opportunities! x

  • This is such a good post love and something I’ve been thinking about lately! I think there are ‘lucky’ people who seem to hit the market at the right time and their following just explodes but in general I’d say a lot of big bloggers would resent being called lucky because they’ll have done all the hard work we have but we just didn’t see it. They didn’t become successful overnight if that makes sense,
    I have this weird thing where I have worked with two big brands in my year of blogging/YouTube but I don’t have that big of a following and I struggle to grow it. So it feels like I’m ‘brandable’ for companies but potentially not charismatic enough to build a following? Such a weird place to be in.
    Definitely agree with not comparing yourself but daaamnnnn it’s hard 😂😂

    • Yes definitely, I think there’s an awful lot of hard work behind the scenes for sure! x