Blogging In Collaboration, Not Competition

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Blogging Beginnings

I’ve always been busy body. Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy; forever torn between wanting to relax, and wanting to get things done. This is where running a blog falls into things. Something that combines my love for always being busy and keeping myself entertained. I’ve always loved writing and taking photographs, so why not combine that passion into one? When I started blogging it was something to keep me entertained during the summer holidays between school and college. I didn’t really know what a blog was back then, or where it was going. It was more a visual diary for me to share my daily inspiration on. Something my art teacher had suggested we start as a way to create digital mood boards. I could have never anticipated blogging turning into what it is today.

Blogging As An Industry

Something that’s sadly more of an industry, it’s a shame that things have taken a turn for a more commercial point of view. Now, if you’re not blogging about the latest it-product, or you’ve not got a million followers – PR’s and brands just aren’t interested. But why? When most of us started blogs as an outlet for creativity and a need for some head space; it’s become something that isn’t as sporadic, or fun anymore. The worry that you’ll appear on some blogger hate group board on a forum somewhere and be mocked for your appearance, your weight, your photos – anything.

UK lifestyle blogger tea cupcake flowers flatlay blogging competition collaboration

Collaboration, Not Competition

Every now and then I reach a peak where I feel like throwing the towel in with blogging. The constant stresses we put on ourselves to be the best. Inevitable disappointment when we lose followers, or find that someone you thought supported you, only did it to boost themselves. There was once a community sense to blogging, more so than competition; and I feel that’s been lost slightly along the way.

I’m not saying that having your blog be your business is a bad thing – far from it. If you can turn your passion into your business then that’s worth shouting about, and being supported in. In any industry your contacts are your greatest asset. If there’s anything I’ve learnt from becoming an adult and working my way up the career ladder, it’s that it’s often a case of who you know, and not what you know. A phrase that all of us are familiar with, yet rarely put into practice. See someone achieving great things with their blog? Praise them for it. Ask them for their advice on how they got there, and work on these steps yourself. Ask if they’d be willing to put you in contact with someone to help you out. You don’t get if you don’t ask. Ah, that old chestnut.

Lets stop blogging being so much about competition, and more about collaboration.

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  • Abbi from Life in a rucksack ✈

    I love this Louise, and couldn’t agree more. Sometimes I feel like giving up too, when I am not getting anywhere with growing my Instagram, or having total writers block.
    I agree with working in collaboration. I think when you see a piece of well written work, or a spectacular photograph, then give it the attention it deserves.

    Well done in being brave enough to write this.

    Safe travels,


    • Thanks Abbi, I totally agree! I think we all find it a little tough sometimes in the competition, but it’s about remembering why we started in the first place x