April Instagram Stories: 2017

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Making The Most of City Living

One of my favourite times of year is Easter and having everyone get together. Thankfully April was a lot about visitors and spending time with friends and family. With almost all of our weekends booked up with visitors and day trips, it was lovely to have something to look forward to each weekend.

We headed out to South Queensferry for a lovely sunny spring time walk under the bridges. Followed by a super cold and windy walk out to Cramond Island on Easter Sunday with friends. April has very much been all about little adventures within Edinburgh and making the most of living in such a wonderful city. On a beautiful sunny Saturday one weekend we headed out to Portobello beach. The perks of living in a city on the coast. Of course we just had to get ourselves an ice cream! Sometimes I’m so busy planning ahead and looking forward to our next adventure abroad somewhere, it’s easy to forget what an amazing place Edinburgh is to live in ourselves.

Future Travels

Speaking of future travel planning, a lot of things have been put into motion recently. We are heading north in Scotland to do the North 500 route, although from Edinburgh it’s more like the North 700! We have decided to save this until September to catch all the autumnal colours in the mountains.

It’s only only a matter of months now until we fly to August for a friends wedding, and our road trip around Northern Ireland. I’ve never been to Northern Ireland, nor the Republic of Ireland, so I’m so excited to be seeing more of the UK.

To top things off, we are planning on heading to Iceland in November. November you ask, won’t you be freezing? My thoughts exactly, but think of all that snow! It’s always been a dream of mine to see the Northern Lights and winter time gives us a better chance to catch them. We will also be heading out there to celebrate Luke’s birthday, which will definitely be one to remember!

April Instagram Stories 2017 UK travel lifestyle blog

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