March Instagram Stories: 2017

March 2017 Instagram stories travel blogger UK

Officially Spring

With spring officially upon us, I’m so excited for warmer days to come and brighter mornings and evenings. Of which, we’ve already had the pleasure of experiencing, before it swiftly turned back into rain! Oh Scotland, how you love to tease us so.

March brought several lovely things, as well as the sunshine. It was my 24th birthday, and I sat down and figured out the 25 things I want to achieve before turning 25 next year. Along with it has already brought some life changes, including the direction of The Little Things blog.

New Directions

For the longest time I’ve been writing, mainly to anyone who would listen, with the feeling of doing what everyone else is doing just to ‘keep up’ with the crowd. But really, was it going anywhere? I think we have to be real with ourselves. What benefit is this giving me? Do I still enjoy it? Am I even enjoying what I’m writing about? The answer was no.

With a lot of tough love I decided that after all of these years, my passion wasn’t writing about fashion, or the latest product, it was about life. About all of the places in the world I’m yet longing to discover, down to the hidden gems in my own city. So with some serious debate, it’s official, I’m taking a new direction. The Little Things is seeking out exploring the world one photograph at a time, and it won’t sit and be a basic bitch any longer. And you know what? I feel good about that. Spring often gives us a fresh renew of life, and this is it.

Speaking of which, I’ve most recently been featured on the lovely Jess’ travel blog – The Travelista. Be sure to take a read of my locals guide to Edinburgh!

March Instagram Stories 2017 The Little Things travel lifestyle blogger UK

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