My Bar Cart Essentials & How I’m Styling Them

Bar cart styling marble lifestyle blogger UK

Bar cart styling marble lifestyle blogger UK

Bar cart styling marble lifestyle blogger UK

Pretty & Practical Bar Cart

I’ve always quite liked the idea of having a bar cart. It’s something that’s both pretty, and practical. With a way of displaying all of our favourite bottles and bar related trinkets, to the accessibility of wheeling it to where we need it to be. The sacred bar cart has been wheeled out at several parties in the past and always makes for a good laugh with its wobbly wheels!

Found originally in a charity shop, it’s something that was polished and brought back to life with a modern update. Investing in some marble textured sticky back plastic, I peeled away the awful 70s floral print which was on there previously as a tea tray, and began to breathe some modern touches and life into it.

Investing in the Good Stuff

We have acquired a lot of various spirits over the years. Leaving student days behind us, where the cheaper, the better – we have since invested in better quality spirits and ingredients! By no means am I a big drinker, and it’s rare I’ll ever even have a glass of wine to myself, it’s very much a social occasion. But tempt me with some cocktails and I’ll be there! There’s just something so wonderful about the diversity of cocktails, from my favourite Chambord tipples, to a classic flavoured White Russian. Clearly spending too much time in our local bar, Lebowski’s. Ten points if you get the reference!

Bar cart styling marble lifestyle blogger UK

Bar cart styling marble lifestyle blogger UK

Bar cart styling marble lifestyle blogger UK

Pinterest-Perfect Cocktails

I do love a good glass, which is why I couldn’t resist these miniature milk bottles. Perfect for fun cocktails or alcoholic milkshakes, accompanied by a Pinterest-perfect striped paper straw. The gold trim of the bar cart also now matches exactly with the gold-rimmed martini glasses. Which I may, or may not have, bought them to match! Decorated with a pretty tassel hanging banner, for drawing back and revealing the treats on the tray below.

Stocked with basic spirits, perfect for making any cocktail. From rum, gin, vodka and whisky – the champagne and Chambord. What are your bar cart essentials?

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  • This looks so adorable! Love how you’ve styled everything!

    x Annabelle

  • I would absolutely love to have a bar cart one day – but we don’t have enough space for one in our current place! I love the way you’ve styled this, it’s so pretty!

    Lynnsay x

  • Your styling is so pretty and polished, I suddenly feel all ready for summer! I love the idea of a bar cart, but the set up costs of all the bottles are a little daunting (as is the temptation of a nightly cocktail 😉)

    Kayte |

  • I love the way you’ve styled this 🙂 I’d love to have a bar cart as they look so pretty but I don’t really drink, so it’d be a bit pointless for me!

    • I don’t drink much myself, but it’s a nice thing to have in for guests coming over and to enjoy a cocktail or two with! x