How Many Hours Does Blogging Really Take Anyway?

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lifestyle blogger UK The Little Things Blogosphere blogging flatlay

From Live Journal to WordPress

In the world of online, the blogosphere in recent years has taken off massively. From writing scattered thoughts to ourselves on the likes of Live Journal; expanding onto platforms such as Tumblr, Blogger and WordPress. Things have been changing quite a lot over the years. I’ve been blogging for a long time, probably longer than anything else I’ve ever stuck at. What started as a way to entertain myself and share inspiration on a summer holiday away from school, to capturing my families travels across the USA as a way to keep in touch with family and friends. What I didn’t realise in fact, what that people were listening.

As I became more technologically savvy, I began to notice that you could track things like Google analytics, and the importance of SEO and use of optimising your photography. For me it was still a hobby, and I was still just in education at the time, but for others who notice something key, the blogging world had opened it’s gates. I’ve read some blogs since they first began, balancing their camera on top of a stack of books in their bedroom and posing against a white wall. To seeing them become major blogging ‘icons’ as such, and you know what – bloody well done to them.

The Power of the Blogging Digital Influencer

The power of the online world and social media influencers really took off, and before brands new it – they were the key to some of their biggest opportunities. Or at least, that’s the way things should be seen, the power of the blogger and digital influencer. In what has now become more of a saturated market in terms of the blogosphere, it’s easy to look at a bloggers follower count and take from that, their worth. It’s also easy to forget that we all started somewhere, and it really is just a game of chance, and a lot of hard work.

But how hard is it to take a few photos, type out a couple of hundred words and hit publish?

The reality of it? Quite a lot. I can’t vouch for those who blog full time, as I’m only a part time blogger myself. But to put out three posts a week, every week, that makes 144 posts a year. On top of working full time, my evenings and weekends are dedicated to planning, writing, photographing, scheduling and a whole load of social media. It’s something I choose to do, and through it I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of my best friends; and work with brands I could have only dreamt of, when I first started writing to myself almost seven years ago.

lifestyle blogger UK The Little Things Blogosphere blogging flatlay

lifestyle blogger UK The Little Things Blogosphere blogging flatlay

lifestyle blogger UK The Little Things Blogosphere blogging flatlay

Let’s Talk About Time

But let’s talk about time, we all sit there aimlessly scrolling on social media so it’s easy to think how it wouldn’t be difficult, but in reality it’s so much more. I put a poll out to Twitter asking how many hours per week people dedicate to their blog part-time:

25% said 1-5 hours
44% said 6-11 hours
9% said 12-16 hours
22% said over 25 hours

Taking a part-time blogging stance, with the majority held at 6-11 hours per week, over three posts, equates to roughly 3.6 hours per blog post. Something I wholeheartedly have to agree with. In reality, a blogger is an online journalist. If you were a journalist working for a company, your average salary would be around £15 an hour before tax.

3.6 hours per blog post, at an average journalists salary of £15 an hour makes £54 per post in time spent alone.

Knowing Your Blog’s Worth

If you were putting out a minimum of three posts a week, your time taken on average would equate to £162; or £648 a month, and £7776 a year. Now imagine you were a full time blogger, and that was your average going rate per post, for five working days a week. That’s more like £270 a week, £1080 a month, and £12960 a year before tax. Note that all of this is based on the time taken alone, to produce a blog post. None of this factors in any additional cost you should be charging for sponsorship and collaborations.

It’s down to you to determine the strength and power of your blog (believe in yourself!); and how much you choose to charge for things like links and featured content; but always have in mind how much time and effort goes into the post in the first place. So the next time a PR company approaches you and says ‘but it will give you great exposure!’ know your worth and hold your ground.

How many hours to do you think you’re spending hitting publish each week?

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  • No one really tells you how much time and effort is put into blogging until you’re putting the time and effort! I took a few months off because it was exhausting and no one could help me. If only I was able to make £54 per post. I could actually call blogging my job! Haha!

    For serious though, I love this post! It is so interesting <3

    xx BASH  ||   HEY BASH

    • Absolutely, I think it’s so easy to tell yourself it’s just a hobby. When for most it is, but it’s all about knowing your worth for if you are approached by brands. I hope this helped give you some insight! x

  • Rebecca Ellis

    This was a really interesting read, I’ve just started blogging so I’m not sure about timescales, but I know I’ve spent hours just trying to get the perfect photograph x

    • Thanks Rebecca, I hope it gave you some insight – good luck with your blog! x

  • Urbanity Blog

    Really great post, its so good to see more bloggers opening up about the reality of blogging. I definately spend about 10hours a week on mine plus full time job and degree, but i guess you also lose track of time engaging in social media etc. Your blog always inspires me, keep doing what you’re doing! Ruth c

    • Thank you Ruth, always very kind of you – you’re one of my blogs biggest cheerleaders! x

  • Lauren B

    It’s crazy how much time and effort we dedicate to blogging, often without being paid. I feel like a blog in my sleep sometimes, writing ideas down when I wake up in the middle of the night haha!

    • Oh absolutely, been there done that when I can’t sleep! I keep a little notebook by my bed if I wake up with any ideas during the night! x

  • Lovely post with a great message! 🙂

  • Abigail Alice

    Great read! So true you don’t realise how much time it takes up but still got to love it! AA x

    • Thanks Abigail, hopefully it helps bring a bit more clarity to anyone wondering how much to charge for sponsored posts! x