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Hello New Year

Can you believe we have already made it through the first month of 2017? Normally January always feels pretty slow to me, but this year it’s flown by and already the days are getting lighter, and longer. A change I’m welcoming whole-heartedly as the days draw closer to spring. Looking back over my first month in review, you might have seen on my Instagram, 2017 has certainly been off to a busy start!

New Beginnings in the USA

I started the year in the USA. In a place called Bisbee in Arizona, on the border to Mexico. It was a New Year like no other. Bisbee is a small old mining town, which has since been inhabited by artists and creatives alike; making for a unique place to visit. In true wild west style, we went to a saloon where the rest of the town also seemed to be for new years eve, with a live band playing into the early hours. I danced with a real life cowboy and waited for the clock to strike midnight.

A very strange sensation knowing that it was already 2017 back home in the UK a whole seven hours earlier in the day! We walked home into the hillside amongst the stars, as the sun started to rise behind us, it was the start of 2017.

Instagram stories January 2017

Home in the UK

Landing back in the UK and feeling refreshed from my three weeks in the USA, I started back at work. It’s always strange being back home after a trip away. Thinking to yourself – this time yesterday I was flying into Chicago, yet here I am now.

Having starting 2017 back home in Edinburgh a week already into the new year definitely made things feel faster. Returning home from 25C heat and endless sunshine to the cold bitter winds of Scotland was definitely a shock! Yet sometimes, there really is no place like home. Catching up with friends over pancakes and reuniting with loved ones, making exciting plans for the year ahead. How have you spent your first month of 2017?

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  • What a great way to see in the new year! I’ve loved visiting America and hope to go back again at some point x

    • It was amazing, I hadn’t been back there in so long so lovely to re-live it all again! x