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Capture Your Style Instagram Advice

I’m sure you’ve all seen one of the blogger ‘books of the moment’ trending at the moment. Capture Your Style by Aimee Song is something I got for Christmas. I’ve been a fan of Songs of Style, Aimiee’s blog, for quite some time. Being an interiors geek myself, to watching it evolve into her fashion diaries of today. But what is it that makes Aimiee’s success so huge?

From her beautifully crafted photographs, and the way she sells her story across various social media platforms; it’s clear Aimee figured out the key ins and outs of the likes of Instagram. And you know what? Fair game to her. Instagram is hard, especially since they keep changing their algorithms, trying to stand out is harder than ever.

With more than three million Instagram fans, Aimiee Song knows a thing or two about taking the perfect photo.

Capture Your Style shares everything from the ins and outs of Instagram, to taking the perfect photograph and how to find and grow your audience. I was instantly hooked, I read the whole book in one sitting. As a graphic designer myself, the book is so beautifully laid out and matches everything I love about Aimee’s style. Not to mention how clear and easy it is to actually understand everything, and really putting it into pretty basic terms for all to learn from.

Taking on Board Key Points

If you follow me over on Instagram (come and say hello!) you might have spotted that I’ve been taking on board some of the points covered in Capture Your Style. I’ve always loved taking photographs, sharing them, and even telling the story that goes with them. But why wasn’t my feed gathering that many followers? After reading Capture Your Style I instantly saw where I was going wrong. Consistency. I was posting whenever I remembered, didn’t use any specific set ‘filters’ so although I loved my photographs, none of them flowed together, and it didn’t feel like that ‘dream feed’ that we all aspire too.

In our era of #girlboss glory, everyone is poised to rule the world – whatever that means to them.

I’m not saying that the dream feed has to be beautiful bright whites. It doesn’t, and Aimee proves that with her own Instagram. Share what you feel passionate about and it will show. Use key times of engagement with your followers. Tracking what works best for you with the analytics tool on your Instagram profile, where you can upgrade to a business account for free. With Facebook now owning Instagram, it’s even easier to link your two page profiles together. As well as sticking to a ‘filter theme’ as opposed to colour theme (if that’s not your style). I personally love to live life in colour, and my feed reflects that. I don’t own all white homeware, and my kitchen is less than Pinterest worthy, but that’s okay! Find out what works for you.

Capture your Style iPhone Intagram photography tips
Capture your Style iPhone Intagram photography tips
Capture your Style iPhone Intagram photography tips

Some of the key points and learnings from Capture Your Style:

How to brighten, sharpen and filter your photos

If shooting with your phone, make sure you switch on your cameras grid function. This will help you take more level photographs, and make the most of getting the perfect crop. On iPhone you can also tap the screen to adjust the light levels of your photo, as well as holding down to switch on auto focus and focus lock. Using photo editing apps like VSCO will help you achieve the colour style and filter you’re looking to consistently achieve.

Taking photographs in natural bright day light will always work better in your favour. Alternatively, I share a lot of photographs from my camera which I will be using for blog posts. For this it’s worth investing in a small SD card reader for your phone, for instant transfer on photographs whilst you’re on the go. Or some cameras even have WiFi built in!

Be careful of where you’re shooting your photograph. Shadows on your face or similar can be quite harsh and unflattering. Make sure the sun or light is in your favour. Shooting in natural day light will always be more beneficial for fresh ‘bright’ photographs than shooting with flash indoors.

Play around with the ‘rule of thirds’. It’s a simple concept which makes for a great composition, every time. Taking a shot with your main focal point slightly off centre always draws more attention from the eye. Capturing followers engaging with your image, and giving you that ‘like’ at the end of the day.

Ways to craft your voice and story on Instagram

Ensuring that you’re changing up the types of images you’re posting, prevent your followers getting bored. This also allows you to always have a new story. From sharing what you wore to an event, to cocktails you enjoyed out with friends. Making sure that your colours work together, really consider what content you’re planning on posting before it goes live. Using the likes of colour editing apps (VSCO and Colour Story are my favourites!) also allows you to test how your grid will look; keeping a consistency across your overall filter appearance.

I always find that people engage more when I have a story to tell behind a photograph. From what my travel plans are, or something we did that day, which can be summed up in a photo. Instead of just posting something and running, question why you’re posting it in the first place – if you have nothing to say.

What makes the perfect photograph?

I’ve been taking photographs for a long time. I got my first camera just after the age of five, where we travelled to New York and I fell in love with the high rise buildings and beauty of Central Park. You don’t have to have a DSLR or be a photography expert to take a good photograph. With some key basics, you’ll be well on your way to getting a better understanding.

Lines are your best friend, if you’re taking a photograph of something tall – take your shot in portrait. If it’s a lengthy food shot? Landscape is your friend here. I always find taking something on full 16:9 mode allows for a better crop, instead of relying on getting it right first time on square shooting.

Consider your location – unless it suits your outfit choice, photographing yourself standing in a car park isn’t going to make the best #OOTD. Scout out the best location for you, whether that be by some beautiful flowers draped over the wall, or the perfect casual cafe shot.

I urge anyone to go out and buy Aimee Song’s Capture Your Style book. Everything about it is so beautiful, and it’s full of some really great advice. I read it from cover to cover instantly, and you will too! I hope these summary tips help inspire you to building your dream Instagram feed!

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  • So I had this book in my hand the other day and I put it back down. Really wish I hadn’t now! I like to take photos of different things and I just cant get any consistency in my feed, I’m now convinced this book will help me out. Thanks!


  • missgetaway

    I absolutely loved this book. When I ordered it I assumed it would just be another book that’s cute to look at but not that helpful. It’s full of great tips tho!

    Love, Kerstin

  • Definitely adding this to my “to read” list!

    • Hope it helps! I’m loving the way my Instagram feed now looks x