Inspiring Healthy Eats to Kick-Start 2017

2017 inspiring healthy eats

Inspiring Meals for 2017

When new year comes around, healthy eating can often be a goal and resolution at the front of many people’s minds. For me, it’s something I’m constantly trying to work on. I’d say I eat pretty well, we cook almost all of our meals from scratch, and the thought of a take-away is reserved for only rare moments where a frozen pizza or some pasta just won’t cut it. I don’t personally believe in the likes of a detox or a crash diet, but making time to really give my body the nutrients it needs, is definitely something I could work on.

I’ve always had a bit of a love hate relationship with food. Don’t get me wrong, I adore food, but sometimes it doesn’t love me back. When I was younger I was tested for coeliac disease due to the way my body can react to wheat and gluten. It came back as borderline and I was advised not to ‘over-do it’ but you know, I just really bloomin’ like cake. And that’s a pretty difficult thing to cut out if you ask me! Some days I’ll find myself doubled over in pain and have a stomach hard as a rock; fluctuating between three different dress sizes. It’s days like this where I know that eating a packet of biscuits for my lunch wasn’t a good idea.

So January, here we are once again. Back into the spirt of resolutions and goals for the year ahead, I’ve decided that (with all things in moderation) I needed to find some inspiring healthy meals to keep me on the right track and avoid those mid-morning temptations!

The Mother Cooker Halloumi Rainbow Salad

Rainbow and Halloumi Salad

Gem over at the Mother Cooker is someone I’ve followed ever since I first started blogging. Previously sharing her life stories over at Gem With Love; the Mother Cooker came on the scene around a year ago. I’ve been hooked ever since. Endlessly pouring over her gorgeous photography and brilliantly colourful recipes, there isn’t a single thing I wouldn’t enjoy eating.

What I love the most about Gem’s blog is that all of the recipes are achievable, and appropriate for the every day; easily fitting into a busy life. This rainbow and halloumi salad is bursting with nutrients and has been something I’ve made in my lunchbox several times, as well as serving alongside a main dish as a side. And what’s better than when your lunchbox looks like a rainbow inside?

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Half Baked Harvest Sun-dried Tomato Red Lentil Pasta

Sun Dried Tomato and Lentil Pasta

Okay, bare with me on this one. When I first read about red lentil pasta I was a little unsure. The pasta is actually MADE from red lentils, making it perfect for anyone on a gluten free diet, or who are just looking for something a little different. Lentil pasta is heartier and more filling that standard pasta. It also tastes surprisingly similar. The whole dish is delightfully colourful and is full of other veggie goodies. Topped with pine nuts and some sesame seeds with a handful of spinach, and it’s destined to keep you full way past any snacking temptation hours. You can find red lentil pasta in the UK in health food shops and even some Tesco’s and Waitrose. Tieghan has some wonderful recipes over on Half Baked Harvest and all with an interesting twist!

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Cookie & Kate Mexican Quinoa Salad

Mexican Quinoa Salad

My favourite food of all time is Mexican. From the spices, to the rich tomato dishes; with how easy it is to combine simple flavours to create something tasty in minutes. I love this Mexican quinoa salad from Cookie & Kate. Using sun-dried tomatoes to create a more intense flavour, with one of my favourite green veggies, kale. Bursting with lots of mixed beans and spices, it’s a perfect salad for getting back into healthier eating after an indulgent holiday season! Kate’s recipe is gluten free and can easily be made vegan by skipping the cheese!

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Blue October Homemade Nakd Health Bars

Healthy Homemade ‘Nakd’ Bars

For something a little sweet, these homemade Nakd bars by Lizzie over at Blue October are perfect for a mid-morning snack. Using a simple combination of pecans, almonds and pitted dates; with a dash of boiling water to pull it all together in the food processor. They’re quick and easy to make; and are something I like to make on the weekend ahead of time, ready for the week ahead. Totally delicious with no preservatives or added sugars, all good stuff!

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What are your favourite healthy eating recipes for this month?

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  • So. Hungry.

    I’ve got Gem and Half Baked Harvest’s recipes saved on my Bookmarks bar already for next week’s food shop!

    • Yes! I’m going to be making another batch of things this weekend ahead of next week and going to try not to eat everything in one go..! x

      • Woo!! Oh gosh, I find myself eating AS I COOK nowadays. So little time, so much hunger heh. xx

  • These all look amazing! Especially the halloumi salad, but then again anything with halloumi in is a winner in my book!

    Kat |