The Best View in Hong Kong

Victoria Peak view Hong Kong travel blogger

Victoria Peak view Hong Kong travel blogger

Victoria Peak

Heading to Victoria Peak is definitely one of the ‘go to’ places in all of Hong Kong, no matter how long you’re planning on heading there for. It was actually something we did on our very first day there, how I don’t look hideously jet lagged in these photos is beyond me, because I fell asleep on the entire bus ride back to where we were staying after these photos were taken!

The peak is the highest point on Hong Kong island, and as if these photos don’t speak for themselves, they give an utterly breathtaking view across the whole city and the skyscrapers surrounded by lush greenery. The Peak has been one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods since colonial times back when Hong Kong was a British colony, with the cooler air up at the top attracting the rich and famous before the invention of air conditioner in what I can only describe as being one of the most intense heat and humidity places I have ever been, I can see why.

The View

The view is what attracts all people, locals and tourists, to come back to the Peak time and time again. Across Victoria Harbour all the way to the green hills of the New Territories. You can head up to the vantage point ‘the Peak Tower’ but as far as I’m concerned, it’s the same as our view from below which was also free, and still just as breath taking!

Victoria Peak view Hong Kong travel blogger

Victoria Peak view Hong Kong travel blogger

Victoria Peak view Hong Kong travel blogger

Getting there

You can get to the Peak both by tram or bus, both offering great views. On Hong Kong’s most famous and historic funicular railway, the islands skyscrapers sliding past. Be aware of the heavy queues the tram can have waiting to board. We took the option of the bus as it took us right back to the apartment we were staying in. Although the tram is expensive, I can see why it would be worth it for the view!

Heading to Victoria Peak certainly gave us the wow factor of arriving into Hong Kong only hours earlier. It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip, with an amazing view. Having one of those pinch me moments of ‘am I really here?’

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  • Wauw, looks beautiful! X

  • I’ve been to Victoria Peak a long time ago when I was a kid so I don’t remember much of it! This post goes to show how I need to head to HK soon and explore it properly! x