Clothes Line Photo Frame DIY

DIY Instagram Clothes Line Photo Frame

DIY Instagram Clothes Line Photo Frame

Perfect Polaroid Prints

I love putting together little mementos and reminders of where I’ve travelled to. So when we got back from our latest visit to both Hong Kong and Tokyo, it was time for something new. Instead of just another photo book, I decided to do something a little different to remember our travels by. I’ve teamed up with Cheerz* to celebrate the launch of their new Polaroid range, and I decided to put a DIY together. After being inspired by similar frames I had seen on the high street, I thought – how difficult would it be to make that myself? The answer, pretty easy.

DIY Clothes Line Frame

I started by selecting 21 of my favourite prints from our travels and uploaded them to Cheerz and waited for them to be delivered. Whilst waiting I worked out the size and width of the frame I’d like to fit all of my prints, and found the perfect box frame. The string which forms the ‘line’ of the frame came from Amazon, though you could find it in most craft shops. I decided to go for string in three different colours for each of the strands, however with the prints on you don’t see much of the string anyway so it wouldn’t matter what colour you chose to use. I bought the coloured pegs also from Amazon as all of my prints featured lots of colour so thought it would be nice to tie things all together.

DIY Instagram Clothes Line Photo Frame

DIY Instagram Clothes Line Photo Frame

Putting it Together

Once everything had arrived it was relatively simple to put everything together. Luckily the box frame came delivered with card backing already inside as a placement image, so I was able to use this to attach the string. Using this as a starting point, measure out three pieces of the coloured string in proportion to the backing card and place at 1/3 positions on the board.

Ensure there is enough hanging over the back to tape down, with a small amount hanging in the middle at the front of the card to form the ‘draped’ effect of the line. Once secured into place, begin positioning your prints on the line and hold into place with use of the miniature pegs. It can be a bit tricky to get all of these to sit where you want, but the string should be fairly easy to move just under the tape if needed.

I’m thrilled with the result and it’s been a great way to display our photos on the walls. What do you think of this DIY? Have you ever made your own washing line inspired frame?

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Cheerz provided me with the photo prints used in this DIY as part of a review.