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Dressing for work is always a tricky one, depending on your type of job your daily workwear ‘uniform’ could be totally different from the next person, and it doesn’t seem like there’s one style that fits all. Luckily working for a creative agency as a designer, there isn’t an expectation for us to dress in a certain way for the office, as most of the time we aren’t client facing. However as much as I’d love to rock up to work in my PJ’s and fluffy dressing gown still, the reality is it wouldn’t be appropriate, which is why it’s important to understand exactly whats ideal for your job, whilst still keeping in touches of your own personality.

With yellow being my favourite colour, this blazer is my one of my perfect go to workwear items. It’s bright and cheery enough to reflect all the things I love in fashion and my personal style, whilst also being tailored enough that I’d be comfortable meeting a client. I bought it some time ago now in the Matalan sale for a total bargain, but you can find similar in New Look and Zara too. A classic casual meets tailored look, paired with some dark skinny jeans, my new sandals from the Clarks SS16 range, which have been perfect for our sunny weather recently. Paired with a crisp white blouse with embroidered details from Miss Guided, and my go-to work satchel bag from Fiorelli which comfortably fits my notebooks, sketchpad, and even macbook for any on the move days.

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What are your go-to items for your every day workwear wardrobe? Are you a fan of bright colours or do you prefer to keep to classic tailored shapes?

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