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All Bar One

After previously attending the All Bar One cocktail masterclass earlier last month, I was delighted to be invited back with fellow blogger friends Lauren and Gillian, to try out their brunch menu. Knowing that All Bar One is a chain I have to admit, I wasn’t overly optimistic about the quality to expect for their food, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. We sat down to their gorgeously bright George Street restaurant here in Edinburgh, which is decorated with a combination of the lovely traditional Georgian architectural features on the walls and roof, with modern interiors and rather Pinterest worthy lighting.

Brunch Menu

As we were invited to have brunch, we arrived at 11am to which the restaurant very quickly started to fill up as the rest of the city really came alive with shoppers, tourists, and general meet ups, looking over the menu it took us a while to decide what to go for, but in the end we all decided to choose something that we wouldn’t necessarily make ourselves at home. I ordered the bacon and potato hash which came with fried bacon and potatoes with spinach on top, it would have also included a poached egg, but I’m not a fan! Lauren ordered the avocado huevos rancheros, and Gillian ordered the Eggs Benedict with an added crunch topped with nuts and seeds.

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The thing that surprised me the most after the quality of the food was the price. For something that’s a chain restaurant, as well as being on arguably the most expensive street on Edinburgh, the general prices for the food accounting for it’s size and quality, was great coming in at between Β£5-Β£8 per dish. They also have a deal for a got drink and a pastry or tray bake for less than Β£4.


Our only quibble throughout the entire meal was the service, which was a real let down after such a lovely meal. We ordered the hot drink and pastry deal expecting for them to arrive at the same time as you would expect, but instead we were presented with our drinks to find our pastries arrived almost half an hour later, by which point we had finished all of our drinks not wanting to wait any longer as they were already going cold. After explaining this to our waiter he got incredibly defensive and told us that we should have expressed we wanted them together and that it was indeed our fault. Initially a bit of a shock to be spoken in that way after working as a waitress in previous years myself, it didn’t come as a surprise to see several other tables complaining around the restaurant about the poor service, which was a real shame to see.

I would like to think that not all of All Bar One’s service is the same as we received today, as it genuinely really was a great meal and I couldn’t fault it on quality or price, only service. I do recommend that you go and try it out for yourself, I’d love to try some of their dinner menu on my next visit. Here’s to hoping they can bring up their level of service and next time I’d really love to give them full marks!

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  • I can’t say I’d ever considered All Bar One for brunch before but after reading everyone’s reviews it sounds like a great shout! I’ll need to check it out for myself, but hopefully the service in the Glasgow branch would be a bit better! xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

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