How To Travel and See The World, Working Full-Time


I think we all have a desire to travel, to see the world, to do something, to make a difference. But it often comes down to the practicalities of everyday life. To go travelling you need money, to get money you need a job, if you’ve got a job you probably have something that goes alongside it, which needs support. Maybe you’re a student, or maybe you work full time and have a rent or mortgage to pay. It’s easy to get caught up in daydreams and what ifs, but when it all comes down to it there will almost always be something getting in the way of you just upping and leaving everything and going travelling around the world. Which is why you need to be sensible about it, if you have the means and the will to get up and go then that’s great, but a lot of the time there are commitments which keep us here, at least for some of the time.

I have always been good at saving. I would save my pocket money as a little girl until I could buy something I really wanted, instead of blowing it all in one go. And it’s unfortunately the same principle as an adult. Payday comes around and we pay for food, on rent, our car, our gas and electricity, our credit cards, birthday presents, necessities – and before you know it, you’re left with barely anything you’ve worked for, and then it gets blown before you know it. Thriftiness is one of the greatest things you can learn to be, set up direct debits each month to go into a savings account, a holiday fund, set yourself a goal for a savings point to reach and make arrangements for taking time off work for your next trip. Find out where you want to go, what have you not seen? What have you dreamed of? Do you want to do something big or are you happy to do a few smaller trips around somewhere a short flight away you could get on a deal?

By taking steps to save each month and build up a plan, you can afford to travel the world slowly but surely, on a budget whilst working full time. I have either always been in full time education, or bee working full time, but in my 23 years I have managed to travel to 11 countries, 5 states, and experienced 6 different languages. Whilst I’m very fortunate to have visited all of these places, it isn’t without hard work of saving and lots of planning, and on my travel map it barely hits a quarter of the world I’d love to see. Booking in advance somewhere or keeping your eye on travel deals can always come as a big bonus. Sign up to flight alerts through sites like Skyscanner, do you follow any hotel updates to get yourselves the best offer? Is there someone you could stay with and save costs on accommodation and afford to go for longer? Can you combine your trip into several places within the same country?

I’d love to hear your travel tips for seeing the world both on a budget and working full time. Where has been your best place to visit, and where would be your dream place to go?

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  • Luckily I have a very flexible boss who doesn’t mind me running off early on a Friday night to go and get a plane somewhere for an easy weekend away, but it can be difficult if you don’t. When I was a little younger I was always quite tempted to go and work on a cruise ship for a year, because surely that must have been a good way of seeing everywhere, but think I may have missed the boat (!) on that.

  • Iga

    Hello, that’s a very interesting point. I definitely would love to visit Japan. Actually, I might go this or next year. Next on my list if Thailand (this June yay!)

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