All Bar One Cocktail Masterclass

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I can’t deny that I love a cocktail, so when All Bar One got in touch to do a cocktail masterclass with us as part of world cocktail day, how could I say no! I met with fellow blogging friends Gillian and Laura and we were treated to a private session with one of their bartenders (who awkwardly I realised I knew from my student days!) who showed us the ropes. I realised that I enjoyed making cocktails as much as I enjoy drinking the, but I’m not sure I could ever remember all the steps for so many different ones!

We started off making an Asian inspired cocktail which had a hint of ginger with the vodka which gave it an almost warmed spice taste, which was served up into a noodle take away box to add to the theme. Our second cocktail was an espresso martini, which I’m not a coffee drinker, but don’t mind the taste – especially not in cake, so was still willing to give it a go. Though I found it a little bitter, we did find out that by adding a touch of sugar syrup it would help take the taste away slightly which made it more enjoyable for a none coffee drinker, but it was lovely all the same! Finally our third cocktail was my favourite, a daiquiri. I opted to make mine with raspberry and strawberry puree for a summery taste, whilst the girls went for mango.

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The session lasted just over an hour, and it was great to get an insider view behind the ins and outs of making the cocktails, which makes me feel like I can now tackle something a little more complicated on my bar cart at home, and I’d love to try out making other combinations now I see how easy it is to swap out ingredients or build from the same bases. Have you ever been to a cocktail masterclass?


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