March Instagram Stories: 2016


I always love March, it’s my birthday month and also marking the start of Spring, it’s very much full of new beginnings and awakenings. which are especially poignant this year, after finding out that I have been made redundant from my poison at work. After not being happy for some time it’s both disappointing and a relief, but now it means i’m more determined than ever to find something that’s truly a good fit for me, and i’m striving to do just that. Let’s hope that April brings new opportunities and a brighter future coming my way!

Albeit March has had it’s ups and down’s, it’s also been a lovely month for keeping busy. It marked another year of Edinburgh Fashion Week which I was thrilled to be invited to as a blogger VIP, with access to the VIP lounge and a whole host of events which has been really great to be involved in. I also travelled to St. Andrews with my work for an overnight stay which was a gorgeous blue skied day and definitely showed spring is well and truly on it’s way.
march in photos
You may have also noticed that The Little Things had a little bit of a revamp this month. I finally made the switch to WordPress after a whopping seven years of blogging on Goggle Blogger, I felt WordPress offered me more design flexibility and the option to develop my blog further, and potentially even combine it with a freelance business. What do you think of my new look?
And of course everybody’s favourite, Easter came in March and I embraced it in full chocolate force. I baked this bright Easter cake, and had over fellow blogger friends Gillian and Laura for a truly Scottish style BBQ…in the rain! Although we had to abandon ship, as naturally – it always rains on a bank holiday, it was lovely to get together and we did manage to have a cocktail or the outside in the garden! Here’s to more sunny days to come, I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner for me in April.


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