100% Vegan Lush Henna Hair Dye Review

vegan henna hair dye lush reviewvegan henna hair dye lush review

vegan henna hair dye lush review

Lush Vegan Henna Hair Dye

Being a total hair-dye virgin prior to writing this post, after years of deliberation (quite literally) of whether to dye my hair or not, I finally decided to take the plunge. I didn’t want anything too drastic, I actually quite like the colour of my hair, I just wanted it to have a few natural looking reddish highlights in a copper style which would bounce off the sunlight. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of dying my hair with something that I knew would cause damage forever, and it always sticks in my mind whenever I’m at the hairdressers and they tell me the condition of my hair is so good because I had never dyed or bleached it, so I had my reserves. But with a friend who was a former Lushie I knew I was in good hands, when she recommended to me to use the Lush henna hair dyes.

Henna has been around for centuries, and is only made from natural ingredients. Lush henna blocks come from Persian Henna and include conditioning cocoa butter and essential oils to really care for your hair, whilst also dying it. I decided to go for ‘maron’ which claims to offer brunettes a reddish copper tint with a Β subtle result.

vegan henna hair dye lush review

vegan henna hair dye lush review

vegan henna hair dye lush review

What I Thought

For just under Β£10 you can get a block of Henna, which depending on your length and thickness of hair would do anywhere between one to three uses. As my hair is quite think, but only just shoulder length, I was advised that two blocks would do the trick, but you could always add more if you think there’s not going to be enough. You start by breaking up the required blocks, I decided to do this by smashing them with a rolling pin, as they are quite tough, then add them into a pyrex bowl with a dash of boiling water, and melt it by standing the bowl inside a pan of boiling water and stirring until melted, adding more water if needed. The mixture is quite difficult to spread onto your hair, and literally gets absolutely everywhere, so make sure to put down some newspaper and wear old clothes! Β If you ask at Lush when buying the product, they will also provide you with plastic gloves for applying the henna with so you don’t dye your hands.

Keeping the Henna hot is the key to the colour produced and it’s intensity. In order to keep the heat in apply the Henna as quickly as you can manage, but still making sure to cover all strands of hair. I covered my hair with some cling film afterwards to hold everything in place, then added a shower cap over the top and a towel to further trap the heat in. Leave this for two hours then prepare yourself for some serious shower dedication to wash it out. The end result was very subtle, and perhaps next time i’ll be more daring and go for the rouge for more of a colour impact, but I definitely noticed more of a red sheen to my hair which has made it appear a lot more glossy and conditioned.

Have you ever tried using Henna hair dye?


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