How to Get to Sleep at Night

tips for a good nights sleephow to get to sleep at night

I personally love nothing more than getting home after a long day, pulling on some fresh pyjamas and getting cosied up under the duvet and settling in for the night watching TV dramas, endless Netflix, and every now and then just peace and quiet with a good book. I’ve always been great at falling asleep, I don’t know why, my mum told me that even as a baby she would put me in my crib and I’d literally be out like a light and stay there until she woke me up the next day.
It’s a running joke between Luke and I that the second my head hits the pillow I just go into another land and (reluctantly) wake up to my alarm nine hours later. I recently used a fitbit to measure my sleep and literally within 15 minutes I was in a state of REM and stayed there solidly for almost eight hours, before coming into a lighter sleep and eventually waking up. I’m one of those people that don’t move when they’re asleep, it’s very rare I will wake up in a different position to the one I lay down in, so much of a deep sleeper that I’ve once slept through a fire alarm going off in the same room!

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For anyone who struggles to get a good nights sleep I thought I’d share some tips and tricks I’ve found over the years when I’m feeling stressed, or there’s too much on my mind to get through the following day, or even if I’m just feeling too awake to go to sleep.
My main point each night is to remove myself from my phone by at least 9pm, it’s unhealthy to be spending so much of our lives staring at screens and the light will just keep you awake. Do you really need to scroll through Twitter aimlessly for another half an hour after you’ve turned out the light? No, turn it off and help your brain switch off too.
Reading a book is something that instantly sends me to sleep, sure I can get engrossed in it for an hour or so but it’s all about setting yourself a limit. When I reach the next chapter it’s time to put it down and focus on shutting down my brain for the night. If anything reading before going to bed helps me have more wild and wonderful dreams, which are always entertaining to recall the next day.
Take ten minutes to have some deep breathing and meditation to switch off from the stresses of your day. Adapting yoga poses when you’re in bed can really help your body calm itself and release yourself from anxieties. I find laying on my back with my legs bent outwards and feet touching with your arms laying flat either side really helps focus my mind.

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Finally there’s nothing wrong with a bit of routine. Sure, things can feel a little monotonous at times, but routines are exactly what help children get a good nights sleep, so why not the same for adults? I spend a good 15 minutes a night preparing my skin with removing my make up from the day, and having a nice cleanse and moisturise with a night cream, topped with rolling some stress busting oils on my pressure points if I’m feeling super anxious. And if all that doesn’t work, there’s always a good old cup of tea.

What are your night time must dos? Do you find it easy to fall asleep Β like me, or are you a late night worrier? I hope this post helps give you some inspiration for a good nights sleep!


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