Pancake Day Recipe Round Up

pancake day round up recipes

I love pancakes, and what better time to have them than pancake day? Traditionally of course to use up all sugary items before lent as part of Shrove Tuesday, every year I tell myself that I’m going to give something up for the month, and generally I fail but perhaps this will be the year. Are you giving up anything for lent?
I decided to do a pancake roundup post as there’s so many great recipes out there, for all diets and tastes. Here’s a compilation of some recipes I’ve found and loved throughout the years. What’s your favourite thing to have on your pancakes? I’m a sugar and lemon gal myself with some fresh fruit.

nutella and raspberry pancakes

Plain & Fruity

If you’re looking for a basic quick and easy pancake mix that can be dressed up any way you like then look no further. This covers everything you need to know in just a few simple steps. Serve with fresh fruit, and if you’re feeling a little naughty – a dollop of Nutella on top.
Find the recipe: here



Naughty but nice, these chocolate pancakes are every chocolate lovers dream. They’re dark and rich in taste and although they certainly aren’t the best on the calorie scale, we can totally balance that out with some strawberries on top right?! But maybe some whipped cream too…ohhh.
Find the recipe: here



If you’re trying to stick to the diet but also don’t want to miss out on the fun, these banana oat pancakes are a great alternative and provide a whole host of fibre and protein whilst the cinnamon gives a lovely warming hint. Drizzle with some honey on top and chopped nuts and you’re good to go.
Find the recipe:Β here


Gluten Free

Gluten free, dairy free and even egg free – these pancakes are safe for anyone with allergies or those who are trying to eat a gluten free diet, topped with fresh fruit and honey. The recipe is in American measurements but it’s pretty easy to convert and you probably already have all the ingredients in your cupboard which is always a bonus.
Find the recipe:Β here



Also gluten free, these blueberry and oatmeal pancakes are on the healthy side of things too, and provide you with a great amount of fibre along the way. A little tricker on the ingredients but how great do these sound topped with blueberry jam compote!
Find the recipe:Β here
I hope you enjoyed my round up post and these helped give you some ideas (pancakes make any day better – fact) what kind will you be making this pancake day?


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