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After pouring over gorgeous vintage bar carts on Pinterest and Etsy for some time now, I knew I’d always wanted to do one up myself and really make something my own. When this 1950’s trolley came my way via a charity shop for a mere £10 I knew my heart was set, the idea was planted, it was time to DIY to my hearts content. The first thing I wanted to do was give it a good clean and brighten things up with some marble print sticky back paper, which you can find on Amazon for around £7 for a two metre roll.

When it came to styling the bar cart I decided to keep things quite minimal. I finally had a place to put my drinks jar dispenser, and added three of my favourite bottles of spirits on the top, with the bottom level holding my glasses and cocktail shaker equipment.

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I have quite a thing for glasses, I must admit. My favourite recent bargain is this set of four gold rimmed martini glasses which I found in the House of Fraser sale reduced from £70 for the set of four to £19 which was amazing! I bought the mini milk glasses in Home Bargains which came with the matching paper straws for a further bargain of £1.99, yep!
I found it relatively quick and easy to re-vamp the bar cart, with the overall cost of it without accessories coming to around £20. The most difficult thing was figuring out how to get the marble paper to the exact right size due to the outside rim reducing the inner lip by around 3mm so it wasn’t as easy as just tracing around the tray on the bottom. I’m really happy with how it turned out and I definitely think it’s  made it much more brighter and modern with a vintage twist. Would you consider re-vamping an old trolley into a bar cart?


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