5 Things To Do Before Spring

things to do before spring

As much as we all look forward to Springs arrival, especially after a long dark and cold winter, instead of wishing it away I decided to make a list of little things to do before Spring arrives and make the most of winter before actually, we do miss it again. There’s something about Spring an it’s feeling of new and freshness thats always inspiring, which makes it easy to forget about the things that winter has to offer, here’s my tips on how to make the most of it before it’s gone. What things do you love to do in winter, and what are you looking forward to in Spring?

winter walks

Go on a Winter walk

It’s not that frequent that we do actually get snow living in the UK, but certainly since moving to Scotland I’ve seen a lot more of it, and it’s rare a day goes by in winter where you don’t see a sprinkling of snow dust on the hills around the city, but by far one of my favourite places to head out to in Edinburgh is the peatlands where it’s just so gorgeous and un-touched with wildlife and stripped back trees. You’ve not had a proper winter until you’ve made a snowman or snow-angel!


spring snowdrops

Clear out your wardrobe ready for Spring

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of buying loads of things in the January sales and forgetting about all the things you already own. By the time Spring comes around I for one always have far too much stuff in my wardrobe, and rainy days in winter give me the opportunity to stay inside and get to work on reducing your wardrobe. Especially handy for clearing away all your thick winter woollens ready for spring and bringing forward things you’ve not worn in quite some time. Or alternatively think of how you could layer up existing Spring clothing to make it weather appropriate for winter.

medetteranian sea

Consider Planning Your Holiday

This might sound really eager, but if you don’t have an idea of if you’re going to be going on holiday or not, it’s hard to get your savings in gear for it, and you might just end up missing out on cheap flights. By booking this far in advice for our holiday in June we managed to get our flights return each to Hong Kong from Edinburgh for a mere Β£580 and those flights are direct. Previous times I’ve looked they have been the cost of this each way. It pays to be organised!

winter skincare

Take Some Time to Care for Your Skin

I’m useless when it comes to caring for my skin, the extend of it tends to be that I take my make up off each night and wash my face with some warm water ad soap. But during winter I find more than ever my lips and hands are especially chapped and no one wants flakey skin right? Take some time for yourself, a pamper evening might just be what you need to relax, and it will have your skin looking bright and new for Springs arrival.


Have a Cosy Movie Day

Remember how every winter every basic girl ever is like ‘oh I can’t wait to cosy up and watch loads of movies this winter with hot chocolates’ did you do it? Likelihood is no. Do you still have time to do it? Absolutely. Get out those fluffy slipper socks, pick out some films and settle down for a rainy day or dark evening, snacks are necessary.

I hope this list helped inspire you to make the most of winter whilst it’s still here! What are your favourite things to do, anything to add to the list?



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  • S, x

    I love this post! I've spent all week wishing for spring, but you're right – there's so much to still enjoy in winter too x

    Sophie Cliff

  • Love this post, there is no point is wishing for spring up here in Scotland (some years I'm not sure it ever arrives). We need to enjoy what we have now, personally I love cold crisp winter days – not so kind on the stormy ones tho.
    Jen x

  • I am all up for having a cosy movie day! I wish I could take more winter walks but in Norwich there is no snow and it's just miserable and cold. I just want snow okay!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

  • I'm surprised how many of these I've actually done! I can't wait for Spring but I have enjoyed going out on a few wintery walks with the pram and spotting all the snowdrops and emerging daffodils.

    Catherine | Hey, Mama