The Perfect Cranachan for Burns Night

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Cranachan Perfect for Burns Night

Since moving to Scotland I became more and more aware of Burns night here, and as it’s quickly approaching on the 25th of January, I decided to try my hand at a traditional Scottish dessert called Cranachan. It wasn’t something I’d actually heard of before, more just stumbled across it on BBC Good Food one day and decided it definitely sounded like my kind of thing. Cream, raspberries, honey, oats, and a touch of whisky – what’s not to like?

This dessert was so easy to make and it’s great for if you want something quick, and that you can make ahead of time and leave in the fridge until later. It literally does just include those five ingredients too so providing you already have yourself a bottle of whisky in the cupboard like we do, it shouldn’t be a pricey one either. It doesn’t matter what kind of whisky you use, and it’s entirely up to your tastes, but I decided to go for Jack Daniels Honey to add a bit more sweetness.

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2tbsp oatmeal
300g fresh raspberries
350ml double cream
2tbsp honey
2-3tbsp of whisky (depending on your taste)


1. Toast the oats lightly under the grill for five minutes or so until they start to brown and gain a nutty taste. Set these aside to cool whilst you prepare the cream.2. Whisk the cream until it starts to set and peaks form, then add in the honey and whisky being careful not to over-stir.

3. Take half of your raspberries and crush and sieve them until they make a puree. I decided to keep the seeds to drizzle throughout but you can throw these away if not. Add a sprinkle of caster sugar to these to taste.

4. Start layering up your cream at the bottom of the glasses, with a touch of raspberry puree on top. I like to sprinkle the oats in between each layer alternating between cream, puree, oats, and then a raspberry or two in between the layers. Continue this until you reach the top of the glass.

5. Decorate with a final layer of cream and some sprinkled oats and a raspberry, leave to set in the fridge for at least half an hour before serving.

This amount made two larger mason jar filled glass desserts for us, or you could make four smaller desserts in half the sized glasses. If you want to make any more just double the mixture.

Have you ever made Cranachan before? Let me know if you decide to have a try at making this!


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