Thoughts on Growing Up and Getting Older

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Growing Up

Growing up is a funny one isn’t it. We spend our childhoods wishing we were older like our siblings and cousins, our teenage years like we were just that bit older so we can go to clubs and legally drink, go to university, and leave home. But its when you reach adult age that you suddenly spend all your time wishing you can go back to a more carefree time, without bills to pay and loans to arrange. Without spending all your time budgeting how you can afford to do the weekly food shop as well as afford that dream holiday.

I decided to share a post today on where I grew up, in Lancashire England. I had a really lovely childhood and grew up in the loveliest of areas with wide open countryside surrounding the small city I grew up in. We would always go on mini holidays to the lake district for a long weekend in a caravan, which was always a laugh as 99% of the time it did just chuck it down with rain! I moved house three times as a child until finally leaving home myself, but all stayed within the same local area. The final place we settled whilst I still lived at home was a village just outside of the city centre which is definitely where I regard myself as doing the most growing up.

Back to Your Roots

Since leaving home and moving to Edinburgh two years ago its been quite a dramatic change, but I’m really enjoying my life here and do regard it as my home now. It’s always nice to go back to my roots though and take some time to breathe and relax away from the noise of the city.

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  • XLeptodactylous

    Honestly, it looks and sounds like we grew up in the same place, except the Pennines marred the distance between the two. I can't imagine how I'd feel if I hadn't grown up in the countryside. I can't even imagine growing up in the city would ever come close to it. I suppose one will never really know, but I am biased and say long live country growing up.