Goals and Resolutions for 2016


Plans for 2016

I’ve made promises to myself every year for new year for as long as I can remember, it’s easy enough to make them and write them down, but much harder to actually put these things into practise. There are several things from 2015 which I didn’t achieve in time, and looking back they were more than achievable so I’m listing them again here because I only have myself to blame for not doing things at the end of the day. It’s easy to give yourself the same excuse of there’s not enough time, money, or possibilities, but there really are – we just need to aspire to find them, make them, do them.

So here we have it, my list of hopes, aspirations, and resolutions for 2016:
1. Read at least five books
This might seem silly but I genuinely have three book cases full and haven’t touched them in years, ‘reading online’ just isn’t the same and I think it will be a great way to help me switch off at the end of a long working day.
2. Don’t over-work
I’m the most guilty person in the world for this, I’d much rather be working all the time than sit still and relax, I just can’t switch off and it doesn’t do me any good. Far too often I skip lunch breaks and work way into the evenings, things need to change.
3. Stop dreaming, start doing
All the things I’ve always dreamt about doing, and places I’ve wandered about seeing, instead of just fantasising I need to start booking, start flying, and start seeing. First stop, Hong Kong.
4. Make more effort to have a date night
Since me and Luke moved in together we very much often fall into the trap of no longer going out and doing anything new and exciting together, we need to get out of the house and get out of routine and start enjoying life with each other as if we have only just met again.
5. Stop snacking on everything before dinner
I never make/buy enough for my lunch and end up snacking the whole way through the day on things that I really shouldn’t be, and they all add up to my increase in weight which was over a stone last year, time to shape up.
6. Get fit, and get healthy
Sure biscuits are ok once in a while but do you really need five with that cup of tea? (umm..yes..) I really want to push myself to the next level of ballet since starting last year and increase my balance and overall core fitness whilst educating myself on eating a little healthier too.
7. Dye your hair something drastic, it’s been on your list for years!
I have never ever dyed my hair, and although I’m hesitant to change, I really think it could be just the shake up that I need. Hairdressing tips and care advice more than welcome.
8. Do something that makes you happy
I’ve been feeling lost in what career direction to take for a good two years now after blindly taking a stab in the dark straight out of university, I feel like I’ve only been doing things to make others happy, it it’s not right – do something about it.
What’s on your resolution list for 2016? I’d love to see your posts if you link me below!



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