Tunnocks Mini Christmas Puddings



Feeling a little festive now we have finally reached December, I was feeling optimistic about a quick Christmassy solution for an easy dessert. Since moving to Scotland I soon discovered the joy that is all things Tunnocks, especially their teacakes. Inspired by Pinterest I decided to have a go at making my own mini Tunnocks inspired Christmas puddings.

They are quite simply a packet of Tunnocks teacakes (I went for the dark chocolate!) with some icing and a cherry on top. If you have the time you could also make a little holly sprig from some green fondant, however I was too impatient for that.

Begin by putting your teacakes into the fridge for a bit, I found that the colder they were made them a bit more sturdy to handle, and it also helped the icing to set faster. Following this prepare your icing to a relatively thick, yet pourable consistency, as you want this to be able to drip down. Begin pouring on a teaspoon full of icing directly onto the top of each teacake and let it drip, this might take a few attempts to get the hang of it! Finish with a glace cherry on top and set in the fridge.




What do you think? Do you have any quick festive foodie recipe ideas to share? Needless to say, these didn’t hang around for too long!


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