What We’ve Learnt Since Adopting a Cat

adopting a pet cat

Thinking of adopting a pet cat?

Meet Giz, we’ve had him since September now after deciding to adopt him from a lady who could no longer cope with his needs as well as having two young children since getting him. Being only just under two years old, Giz was in need of lots of love and playtimes, as well as access to the outdoors. Something his previous owner wasn’t able to give him living in a fifth floor flat.

I’ve always loved animals, we both especially always wanted a cat and always commented on how nice it would be to have a cat sleep on your toes at the end of the bed at night keeping warm, to wake up to a friendly face no matter how you felt yourself, and to have a comforting furry friend.

Getting a pet wasn’t a decision we took lightly, as much as I’m slightly more of a dog person than a cat person, it just wasn’t realistic that we could get a dog, both working full time and long hours, a dog would definitely need more time than we could give, whereas a cat we would be able to let in and out of the house as they pleased.

What We’ve Learnt

Since adopting Giz we’ve learnt a lot about just how much it takes to care for a cat, and that some days you might just regret letting them sleep at the end of your bed (or rather, on your head) at 6am when they decide it’s time to play and box you in the nose.

When they shred a piece of furniture and you have to shout at their seriously cute ‘oh no’ face.

When you go away for the weekend and need to arrange whether to keep them at home and have someone visit or to pay for a cattery.

When you have to get them into the dreaded box of doom to go to the vets and they scream the whole way there.

When you realise just how expensive it is to keep on top of your vaccinations.

When you add up the cost of their food and health insurance over a year.

But the best part? When you come home to them at the end of a long day and they’re always there to give you a hug.



Welcome to The Little Things, a Scottish travel and lifestyle blog. Written by Louise, a graphic designer, living and working in Edinburgh. Sharing all of the little things in life which make her smile along the way. With her boyfriend Luke, and their cat Gizzy.

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  • i'm liking this cat already, it's got cute little ears like the cat next door that i'm feeding at the moment. Loads of character.

  • He is so handsome =] its nice to see other people with black/brown cats =]


  • Welcome Giz!! What a beauty


  • Madeira

    Hi Louise! (BTW you have a very hard spelling name if a not-native-english person is doing the spelling πŸ˜€ )
    Love your cat! He's a beauty! πŸ™‚ I have had cats around since I was little, so having an animal at home always have seemed natural for me. And cats are the cutest thing. Ok, dogs are cute, too. I love both. πŸ˜‰ Also I love when my cat curles up in my lap while I am doing something. πŸ™‚
    Have great day!