2015 Instagram Stories in Review

2015 in review lifestyle blogger UK Edinburgh

2015 has been a funny old year, in some ways it feels like two totally separate years rolled into one as there were just so many changes. Starting the year I was feeling totally lost with no sense of direction and I had just left my previous freelancing job, the first position I had since moving to Edinburgh the year before. I wasn’t going to let it get me down, I had rent to pay and places to see, it was time to get moving. Following two further freelance positions I was finally granted a full time job for a marketing agency working as their designer, and have been there ever since with a good stable income allowing me to live life a little more comfortably and I can enjoy the fact that I earned it.

I left my flat which I shared with friends where I had been living for the previous year, to go our separate ways with people moving away and doing different things, to move in with Luke and finally get our own home together, after five years of being apart and splitting time between the

Finding a full time job since graduation from university two years later was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I will never underestimate my level of endurance ever again, and I’m proud to say I pushed through it after the hardest two years of my life with anxiety levels above and beyond.

Spring brought on the excitement of looking for mine and Luke’s first home together, and as I could quite happily spend my days watching location, location, location – this was a dream come true for me. We viewed countless flats and many stressful applications, but in the end our home couldn’t be more perfect.

Moving into our new home my parents came up to visit us for a long weekend where we got to enjoy the summer air and blooming flowers, and show my parents around the city we get to call home. We went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and saw countless eye opening acts and performances, we laughed, ate, drank, and enjoyed the season.

After many years not travelling abroad due to financial stress of trying to find work and moving to a new place and city, I finally got on my feet and saved up money for my passport to be renewed for another ten years of travelling in front of me until I need to repeat the process. Me and Luke booked flights to Italy after having it on my bucket list for years, and off we went travelling from Rome to Naples, Pompeii, Scafati, Sorrento, and all along the Amalfi Coast. It was a whirlwind two weeks but it was by far my best experience of 2015 and I’ll never forget that first feeling of getting lost in Rome and being totally in love. You can read about our travel diaries around Italy – here.

2015 in review lifestyle blogger UK Edinburgh

Pushing myself for new experiences and out of my comfort zone, after a whopping 16 years of wanting to do ballet, I enrolled on a classical ballet course for adults and my love for dance began, I was utterly hooked. In January I’ll be moving up a level and progressing further towards my dreams of being on pointe shoes.

Coming back from Italy me and Luke finally made the decision to get a pet cat after years of dreaming about adopting an animal, his name is Gizzy and he makes me forget all my worries when I get to come home to him at the end of every day and know that there’s more to life than stressing about my job. He’s taught me to relax and really focus on what’s important, that might sound silly considering he’s just a cat but he makes our little house a home.

Finally, ending the year with celebrating Christmas in our first home together, and also spending our first New Year in Edinburgh for Hogmanay with friends. It’s been a whirlwind but by goodness, 2016 I’m ready for you.

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