Visiting the National Museum of Scotland Late Nights

National Museum of Scotland Lates

On Friday night I was invited along to experience the National Museum of Scotland’s late nights right here in Edinburgh. Me and a friend went down to see what it was all about, and quite honestly I didn’t really know what to expect. I’d had a read about it online that there was going to be the exhibition, some live music, and various other activities, but nothing quite prepared me for what it was actually like once we got inside.

Live entertainment

The bands Honeyblood, who were Foofighters warm up act (so good!) and Bdy_prts were playing, and we throughly enjoyed them both. It was great to see the museum all lit up at night, and I can’t lie – the image of the dinosaur and the top hat at the Late Nights logo really made me laugh. People and made such an effort in costumes to really be the part, and if you didn’t come dressed up there was a Victorian portrait studio where they kitted you out, and even gave you a free vintage print! Queue silly faces…

After dressing up and frolicking around as Victorians for a while we moved on to take a look around the exhibition, and it was amazing to see all the old photographs and see just how far we’ve come from nothing to a camera the size of a pin head on our mobile phones and tablet devices.

Magic Shows with Luke Eaton

Magician Luke Eaton was also there putting on a Victorian magic show with dashes of comedy, where he quite honestly hammered a card to his face (not one for the faint hearted!) performing a card trick which I have no idea how it happened, leaving everyone in a round of applause and slightly freaked out at what they just watched.

Heading swiftly for the gin bar, it was time to make sure we hadn’t missed anything out, and head to see Honeyblood perform on stage before it closed, sadly we didn’t make it in time to get a Victorian finger-tasche tattoo!

Tickets and Prices

It was a great night out and lasted from 7:30pm – 10:30pm, and prices were around Β£20 for an adult including access to the exhibition. I’d throughly recommend you try and make it to the next one, see you there next time!



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  • Hannah Adams

    This looks like great fun! We had something similar in Aberdeen at our local Art Gallery but unfortunately they have closed for refurbishment for a couple of years and has left a total gap in culture activities like these. Hopefully next time Edinburgh host one I'll be in that neck of the woods! Hannah x

  • Meg Siobhan

    Gosh, this looks and sounds like such an amazing night! Plus, love all the colours within there. Now…to hop on a plane to Scotland…

    Meg |