Layering Up for Cooler Summer Evenings

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Travelling around the south of Italy has it’s perks, the sun, the sea, the food, endless glasses of wine… but oh man, the heat. It was so hot that it really took you a while to get used to the intensity of the heat (coming from not so sunny Scotland!) Arriving in a tiny village called Scafati, where we were definitely the only English speaking people around, we headed out to explore our new found surroundings. Looking back at these photos makes me laugh, I am so pale, yet in my head I really thought my tan was getting somewhere. This playsuit was one of my favourite bargain buys from Primark, which I got in the sale for Β£5, paired with my lace detailed kimono and sandals also from Primark.

Layering Up for Cooler Summer Evenings

I very quickly found that although it can be scorching hot during the day, it’s often cooler in the evenings. Especially in restaurants if you’re sitting inside, they’ll most likely have air conditioning or a fan on. Meaning you get surprisingly cold, quickly. The key to this is layering up with something you can easily remove if it gets too hot again. Try taking a sleeveless jacket to keep your body warmer but arms cool. Or even having a thin scarf folded in your bag can be great for draping over your shoulders, not to mention ideal for visiting religious sites where you’re often asked to cover your shoulders or legs.




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