How to Dress for Summer in Rome

Rome side streets Italy travel blogger UK

Rome side streets Italy travel blogger UK

Rome side streets Italy travel blogger UK

Rome side streets Italy travel blogger UK

What to wear in Rome

For the summer months Rome is so hot I can’t quite emphasise enough. I knew we were in for some serious heat attempting to go to Italy in summer, but nothing prepares you for the humidity. With temperatures reaching up to 40C it’s important to wear things that are both practical for exploring, and floaty enough to keep you cool. Flowing skirts became my best friend as they kept me cool and trapped any air around my legs. In hindsight I wouldn’t perhaps wear too much black or dark colours as they just attracted the heat even more. Do wear plenty of sun cream and a hat, and of course try and carry some water with you at all times. I found that wearing trainers became too hot, but it’s beneficial to find some open sandals which are both comfortable and will let your feet breathe.

These photographs were taken whilst we were getting lost down hidden side streets in Rome, where we perched on a step of someones apartment building having the biggest Italian sandwich of my life (but boy were we hungry!) lost in our own little adventure.

What I’m Styling

This was one of my favourite outfits of our holidays, and probably the one most on a budget style too. I bought this top in H&M just before we jetted off and it’s probably my most worn basic range piece of clothing. I instantly fell in love with it’s sweetheart shaped neckline, and although it did make for some entertaining tan lines later on, it matched with almost everything. Paired with my gingham print skirt from Primark’s last year SS14 range, my sandals are from TK Maxx, and the things that kept me walking for so many miles all holiday!

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