Travel Plans to Rome, Amalfi & Sorrento

Positano Capris Italy travel blogger UK
Positano Capris Italy travel blogger UK
Positano Capris Italy travel blogger UK

We’re going to Italy!

Heading out of here on the first flight this morning, me and Luke are making our way over to Italy for a last minute holiday for the next ten days. We are going to Rome, Amalfi and Sorrento, making a tour down the South coast. Now I say last minute, if you know me and how obsessively organised I am, you’d think that was out of the question, but indeed just a month ago we decided to book our flights to sunnier skies and blue oceans and we are on our way for a bit of a whirlwind tour.

I don’t plan on taking my phone, I don’t intend on checking my emails, I am going to be living life completely free from work for a while and just enjoying some breathing space. It’s good to get away and clear your head every now and then, though I might be prone to an instagram snap or two

Our travel plan

So what’s the big plan? We are flying direct from here in Edinburgh to Rome where we will be staying for four days (and eating a whole lotta pizza) then making our way down to Naples, onto Pompeii for a further two days, and then out to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, before making our way back up to Rome and flying home. I’m not one of those people who enjoys spending every day in the pool or on the beaches, though it does sound divine for maybe one or two days, I’m very much looking forward to exploring the sights and seeing all of what Italy has to offer after wanting to go for so long now.

Keep up to date

I’ve got some posts scheduled for whilst I’m away you can look forward to, and of course lots of travel posts on my return, oh and the food…. if I have time to photograph anything before stuffing it all down that is. If I don’t come home looking like gelato I have failed.

Don’t forget you can keep up to date with my travels over on my Instagram or with hashtag #littlethingstravels

Have you ever been to Rome before? What are your top travel tips? I’d love to see some posts, or send me a tweet with the best places to go!



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