Advice for Packing Light For Short Breaks

Packing Light For Short Breaks

Packing for Italy for ten days with just one tiny carry on hand luggage suitcase was pretty difficult to figure out, and after many different ways of folding and jumping down on my case to squash it all in, I decided enough was enough. There had to be a better system, it was time to cut back. I decided it was silly to pay an additional Β£40 each way to check my luggage so things needed to get back to basics.

Only pack what you need.Β 

Plan your outfits for the days you will be needing clothes, including interchangeable things between outfits to save space.

Take minimal basics for make up.

Realistically, if you’re going somewhere hot you’re not going to be wanting to wear loads of make up, and it’s good to let your skin breathe in the sun. Take only basics for a light look and a small eyeshadow pallet for the evenings if you plan on going out.

Make sure you stick to your liquid allowance.

Don’t forget you’re only permitted liquids in 100ml sized bottles and it all ends to fit in a clear plastic bag 20cm x 20cm. Have this ready at an easy accessible part of your suitcase to get out at security then you aren’t delayed.

Find a pair of shoes you can wear with everything.

For Italy I’ve only taken one pair of sandals for every day wear, which are comfortable and easy to walk in – with another pair for the evenings that I can easily fit into my case.

Think if there are any items you can buy when you arrive.

Chances are – you can always find sun tan lotion or spray wherever you go on holiday if it’s needed, and realistically if you’re staying in a hotel it’s more than likely going to have things like shampoo and conditioner.

Using the rolling method for your clothes works a treat.

Through lots of trials of trying to make things fit into a tiny case, I found that folding things doesn’t work as effectively as rolling things up tightly and stacking against each other. All your clothes should lie in a rolled line at the bottom of your case giving you much more space on top to fit in any other items like a toiletries bag and any additional shoes.

What are your best tips for travelling light? I hope this has been helpful, are you going anywhere nice on holiday soon?



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  • I am SO bad at packing light, but despite having a 22kg allowance when I go to Turkey I decided to try stick to the basics so I have room for my shopping… it's not going well. I'm going to try rolling it instead!

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels


  • Saskia B

    Ooh, along with finding a pair of shoes that suits everything, also find a bag that suits everything!

    Saskia /

  • These are great tips, I basically always overpack! x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog