Tips on Making Moving Home Easier

tips on moving home

moving home checklist

Last week I moved house, from living in a top floor flat with four other people, to getting my own space together in a lovely little ground floor property with Luke. It’s great to have our own space together and everything is already so much more peaceful and cosy surrounded by all your own things. I thought I’d put together a little advice post on tips of how to make moving home easier.
1. Be prepared. This really goes without saying – make sure you have absolutely everything packed and only leave essentials until the night before or morning of the move.
2. Make a list of contacts you will need to get in touch with when moving into your new property, this includes getting registered at a new doctors, updating bank details, the electoral role, and your gas and electric suppliers.
3. Get a good nights sleep. I was up most of the night worrying about all the things I had to do the next day, it wasn’t worth it, make sure you take some time to relax and really be able to rest, you’re going to need it.
4. Have a good breakfast. By 11am in the morning we were already absolutely starving and ready for something to eat for lunch, it’s amazing how many calories you’ll burn off going up and down those stairs for hours on end!
5. Make sure you have some food that you can be nibbling on whilst you go, or have something prepared the night before you can quickly heat up then continue with the move. Luckily my lease doesn’t end until a month after our move date so I still had access to a working fridge! But some sandwiches or a cold lunch pre-prepared would also be great.
6. As soon as you enter the new property don’t forget to take your meter readings for the gas and electricity, and turn on that fridge and freezer!
7. It’s always worth taking quick photos of the property if it’s a rental to make sure you capture any evidence of damages or marks before you move in, then you have proof of anything for when you move out in the future.
8. Breathe. It’s not worth getting in a stress about something, the most important thing is just to get everything in the property. It doesn’t all need to be unpacked in the same day, and don’t feel pressured to do it all, it will get the best of you. Take your time.



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  • Totally agree with this! When I moved in with my boyfriend I didn't prepare properly at all and we were sanding, painting and cleaning for days, mostly on an empty stomach! I felt physically ill by the time we moved in properly!
    Hope you have a blissful start to your new home πŸ™‚

  • Great tips. I fully agree with taking pictures, especially if the property is rented. It's better to have something to look at if any problem arises in the future.

    Enjoy you new place xx