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I’m thrilled to announce that me and Luke finally have our first home together! I haven’t actually seen the property, which if you know me you’ll probably be thinking – are you ok?! Have you lost your mind? Since I am most definitely that kind of person who would want to see something a million times over, and even then still be a little undecided. But here I am, thinking this was never something I would be able to do, putting all my trust in another person and saying you know what – if you’re happy, I’m happy.

I can’t wait, we move in just over a month.

For those very reasons, it’s got me thinking a lot recently, what kind of things home comforts mean to me. And after all, who doesn’t like a good old list?

– Coming home at the end of the day to someone you love
– That ‘home smell’ that hits you when you walk through the door
– Being wrapped up under your duvet on a cold rainy day
– Cups of tea on a Sunday morning
– Cold toes on fluffy carpets
– The smell of washing on hot radiators
– The comfort of your own bed
– Fresh bedding after a long day
– Sitting in front of the fire on a winters day
– Having it be acceptable to walk around in your PJ’s all day, every day



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