Things I’ve Learnt Since Becoming a Graduate

Things I've learnt since becoming a graduate

Thoughts & Learnings Since Graduating

With exams and deadlines looming for everyone in their final year of university at the moment, awaiting their final grades and graduation ceremony; it made me think just how quickly time has flown by after I took those same steps. I became a graduate back in July 2014. Completing my BA degree with honours and a 2:1 in Graphic Design. I thought I’d share a post with you all on what happens afterwards, and most importantly – all the things I learnt since I left.

  • You will realise how much student loan payday was the greatest thing on Earth
  • The reality of how much that student discount meant to you
  • Don’t be disheartened by not hearing back from a job, push onwards
  • Networking is everything
  • Don’t compare yourself to other graduates
  • It’s okay to take some time out after those years
  • Don’t feel pressured into finding work straight away, you need to breathe
  • Stop worrying about every single thing, it’s going to be okay
  • There is no shame in asking for help
  • Internships are rubbish pay, but invaluable
  • Some days will be really tough
  • Relationships change, and you will lose touch with people
  • You can’t have a crazy night out without having that hangover last for days
  • And most importantly – life goes on


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  • Your last point is definitely so true, I remember feeling quite strange when I left uni and i was a bit lost, but everyone finds their way in the end! x