Edinburgh’s Cat Cafe: Maison de Moggy

Last Friday, being the avid cat fans that we both are, me and Luke decided to book ourselves in for a visit at Edinburgh’s very own cat cafe, Maison de Moggy. I can’t lie, when I first heard that we were getting a cat cafe here I was both excited and a little sceptical, but we both agreed that it’s one of those things that we would at least go and do once.
The cost of entry is £7 which helps with the costs of food and welfare of the cats, which I’m more than happy to pay if it ensures the animals are well cared for, and they did indeed seem very happy! Once inside you’re asked to take off your shoes and use hand sanitiser so you aren’t bring in anything from outside that could potentially harm the furry friends, and take a seat, allowing only a maximum of twenty people in at a time, per hour.

We both ordered a hot drink and a cake, and although the prices were what I would expect for a cafe (of sorts!) I did think that perhaps £3.50 for a slice of cake was a little steep, and unfortunately my slice was fairly stale, which was a shame as they all looked really appetising.
The cats were all very relaxed and sociable, though it was important that you respected their space and let them come to you and play only if they wanted. It was all certainly an interesting and fun experience, especially since neither of us are allowed cats living in rental properties, so in that respect it was great to have a furry friend for an hour!



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