Thoughts On Finishing University Forever

Today I finished university forever.

I must be honest, me and university have always had a love hate relationship. Though not for one minute did I think I would be typing this, at the end of my university career three years later, when it feels like only yesterday I had the biggest knot in my stomach and feeling of loneliness as I sobbed goodbye to Luke at the bench half way between our houses knowing that everything was going to change from that moment.

I can’t lie, I highly doubted whether I was cut out for going at it alone. Obviously me and Luke stayed together and it worked out for us but initially it was so hard. Being thrown out into this new world of university and not quite knowing what was next would keep me up for many sleepless nights, but then all of a sudden, it got easier. Becoming used to the pattern of a long distance relationship, spending my life waiting at train stations constantly passing between England and Scotland, to finally starting to feel comfortable being on my own again and getting on with university life.

I’ll never forget my first day, walking into my design studio to the utter silence of everyone sat there not knowing what to say, until I heard my friend Rob belt out at the top of his lungs ‘alright ya dickhead!’ (To which everyone else was quite clearly alarmed – why was he shouting this at a poor random girl entering the room?) only it turns out we went to college together and failed to tell one another we had applied to the same course, and got accepted. After all became quite clear to everyone else, it was so comforting to know that I wasn’t alone, and that it was all going to be okay.

Fast forward by two years and after many considerations of dropping out after realising what real university education is like, and even after the consideration of a career change, I fell back in love with design, and with uni.

It might have been rubbish in parts but the friends, laughter, and memories I’ve made along the way I wouldn’t change for the world. To know that very soon now I’ll be moving 200 miles to be living in Edinburgh, in my own apartment with friends, and being an awful lot closer to Luke; I’ve never been more excited, yet apprehensive, for the future.

So to all my fellow graduates out there, here’s to you.



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  • Congratulations Louise!! I remember the day I finished University, and I was a complete mess. I was so proud of my achievement after constantly battling with myself with regards to whether it was ever going to be worth it. In hindsight, it was SO worth it for 3 years of insane memories, laughter, tears, stories and lifelong friends.

  • You go, Louise! πŸ™‚ Life starts now, right? xx

  • Congratulations Louise. I feel very very proud of you!

  • I've just finished too! I've really hated my time at university and I'm so glad it's over. Well done us to sticking at it and making it through!

  • Katie Rea

    I always love to hear folks university stories, it's crazy how much you grow as well isn't it? I don't think I could have moved away at 18 as I was this painfully shy kid so thought I'd keep local, so moving so young for yourself was full on brave! I never enjoyed my course but plodded on through and nearly 2 years later I made the decision to do a short course in manchester and I was dead nervous moving away but after a month I really do enjoy it. You feel more alive if that makes sense.

    Your work is looking awesome too, really hope you post more about it πŸ˜€ best of luck and congrats! All the hard work has payed off!

  • Lauren S

    Congrats Louise ! I've not gone down the Uni path so I can't relate to many of the experiences but I'm hoping to embark into work in the next month and it's exciting what life has for us next πŸ™‚ Well done for your projects and the three years
    Lauren x