A Guide to The Northern Quarter, Manchester

guide to manchester

guide to manchester

guide to manchester

guide to manchester

guide to manchester

The Northern Quarter, Manchester

One of my favourite things about visiting Manchester is the northern quarter. Consisting of a jumbled network of streets; bursting with independent cafes, shops, bars and boutiques. Lined with New York inspired fire escapes, which are regularly used for film sets. It’s safe to say that the Northern Quarter always has a lot going on.

With a laid back relaxed bohemian vibe during the day, transforming at night into a stream of club-goers and those seeking pop-up events, craft beers, and life music. Walking around you’ll find lots of public art, including sculptures high on the walls of John Street, and in the windows of lots of creative agencies who’ve made it their home.

Vintage Shopping

It’s in the Northern Quarter where you’ll find some of the best vintage and second hand shops. From vintage fashions to books and homeware, there are lots to be found in the Northern Quarter. Most notable in the Northern Quarter is Affleks Palace. What was once a department store, now contains dozens of vintage and fashion stalls. Selling everything from military and Goth ware to pretty tea dresses.

guide to manchester

guide to manchester

sugar junction manchester

sugar junction manchester

sugar junction manchester

Bars & Coffee Stops

With it’s popular nightlife culture, the Northern Quarter is home to many Instagram worthy bars. Check out Apotheca, a modern day chemist offering boozy pick-me-ups as its forte. Or if something more traditional is your thing, take a step back in time to the Marble Arch. Lined with beautiful tilled walls and floors dating back to the pubs early beginnings, it’s something that’s here to stay a while. If you’d rather have a good old British cup of tea in the afternoon, check out the Sugar Junction for a relaxed cosy vibe where you almost feel like you could be in your living room enjoying a chat with a friend over some divine homemade cakes.

What are your favourite spots in Manchester’s Northern Quarter?



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  • Sofie

    Manchester looks amazing! Lovely pictures and I really like your vlogs! You're doing a great job at editing them!

    Sofie x

  • Great photos and video! I love Manchester, it's such a vibrant and friendly city! I live fairly close too but don't go there anywhere near often enough, which is a shame because they have some really cool vintage stores and hidden gems!

    Helen at Hels Yeah! xx

  • Lauren S

    i've not been into the city a lot when visiting manchester but there seems to be some really great hidden coves 🙂
    Lauren x

  • This is such a good way to document a trip and I love the colours in your photography 🙂 so nice! I've always wanted to go to Manchester. I'm stuck in Australia, but it's on the list 😀

  • fab photos! I've only been to Manchester a couple of times and I feel like I've never got a good chance to explore the city. I've heard there are so many good places!

    Hannah xx

  • I've never been to Manchester, but your photos make it look amazing! I love the shot of you in the fountains xx

  • Looks like you had a great time, wonderful photos!

  • Jessica Francis

    Such beautiful photos! I've never been to manchester – this makes me want to go explore!

  • Ohh I've never been before but now I really want to. It looks like you had a lovely time <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  • Great photos! Looks like you had a really good time. Great to meet you on the lbloggers chat tonight!

  • I live close to Manchester, but never really visit that often! I need to get out more and take photos! Love the northern quarter especially for street art! Lovely photos!

  • wow! what a cool place, so full of life, color, pictures and graphics…..i love it!

    Amanda | feast.fashion.faves